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Lasting longer now but losing erections

Lasting longer now but losing erections

Hey people.

Just thought I’d throw this out there to see what you guys (and gals) think. I intend on going to see a urologist to get checked out. Not sure it warrants it but I figure it can’t hurt to check in with one and make sure everything looks as it should.

I’ve read a couple of threads this evening about weak erections and possible vein leakage. Also a couple about reduced sensitivity, and some concerns of mine were echoed in them. However I don’t know where I’m falling with this so I thought I’d start a new thread.

This is a copy of a PM I recently sent Cheeva, but he doesn’t seem to be about at the moment. I sent it in the context of working on dick control, but I’m curious to see whether my experience has been shared by any of you.

Here it is:

Hello mate. Just thought I’d update you on a little bit of progress and ask you a question or two regarding a sticking point I’m experiencing.

I sarted seeing a 19 year old girl a couple of weeks ago ( I’m 31 ), which is great. The first time we got it on I blew my wad pretty much instantly when she went down on me. However, I returned the favour immediately and gave her a mind blowing orgasm working her g-spot and clit alternately.

Since then I’ve come on leaps and bounds in a short space of time. I’ve made her come a few times from penetrative sex, sometimes using a shallow up-stroke in the missionary position, and sometimes going deep and nudging in the technique that VVC describes in his ‘give her the big 0’ thread. I know you aren’t an advocate of what I’m about to describe but I have been sort of using training wheels in the form of Durex ‘Performer’ condoms. They’ve helped me last the distance, and I’ve just stopped using them in favour of a featherlite condom without a desensitiser, but here is the rub (no pun intended):

What I’m finding is that after about 7 minutes of sex, if I don’t cum, I start to lose my erection. Now this has been fine if I’ve already made her cum; she’ll just get me hard again and finish me off with a great BJ, or I’ll be happy enough just knowing that she’s been satisfied.

I can’t put it down to the desentising condoms because last night when we used the featherlight the same thing happened. We were having sex in the missionary and after a while, what with the added sensitivity of the thinner condom I started to approach the PONR. I slowed down to some very gentle nudging and kegelled hard. This succeeded in taking the heat off, so to speak, and I continued but then found that I started to lose my erection to the point where it disappeared completely.

What do you think is going on here?

This is where the PM ends. This is a relatively new phemomenon with me. It may be largely psychological, and a result of playing with sensation and trying to go longer distances and experimenting with kegels to help control arousal rate; all of these things probably result in thinking too much during sex.

I wonder too if it could have anything to do with a little numbness I seem to have around the base of my dick, that I suspect I have aquired from jelqing with too much force.

Vein leakage occured to me too: again, as a result from jelqing with excessive force.




Pretty sure that’s normal. I’m 36 and I’ve noticed the same thing when clamping down at the PONR.

I will usually have to pull out a few times during a decent 20 minute thrust fest. After pulling out a couple of times, I’m banging away porn style with that lovely, spongy, full-on porn cock:)

It may not be ideal, but it always makes me giggle

Thanks for the input, jonny9.

So you find it more effective to pull out and cool off a little, rather than kegelling real hard. I’ll give that a shot next time, and pretend like I’m teasing her… :)




I’ve tried Tantric fugg-fests where I’ve chaneled, pulled, focused, centered, grounded(you name it,) and at this point I’m kinda done.

I’m older and my wood IS different than when I was younger. PE has made me ridiculously more aware of me privates than I would ever imagine. BUT, I am still just a normal guy and I have to roll with things.

I’m sure there are better solutions out there, I’m just keeping it real.

I no longer need space boots to take the morning piss, so there is a plus to this aging thang.

I would not worry if I were you.

You are banging a 19 year old.

You bastard!

Originally Posted by Ziggaman

I sarted seeing a 19 year old girl a couple of weeks ago ( I’m 31 ), which is great.


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