L-glutamine and herpes!

Hey guys!

I have recently (past year or two) found that at least in one person, L-glutamine supplementation dramatically improves genital herpes.

Here’s the story;
Someone very close to me had contracted herpes years ago. Through the years. only occasional outbreak. As this person got older, and stresses accumulated, the outbreaks started to become more frequent, to the point it was occurring every month, and would take about a week to clear. I started having that person take a teaspoon of powdered L-glutamine (4 grams?) and the results were DRAMATIC! The outbreak would begin to clear almost overnite. Further, with just a few more doses of glutamine, the outbreaks would stop for months. This has been repeated several times over the past year or two so I know it was not placebo or coincidence. If I could get this person to even take 1 teaspoon a week, I’m sure they would never see another outbreak except under extraordinary circumstances.

I have been dying to share this with others, to see if it is as effective in others….but whom to share it with?
MY FELLOW PENIS STRETCHERS!!!! Please give it a try if it applies and post your results…this just may be a significantly helpful find. L-glutamine is a safe amino acid supplement, and does wonderful things for athletes and stressed folks, helps build muscle, improve immune system, and rebuild a eroded digestive tract (from fungus and food allergies).

Best regards,