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Kind of pain in balls that occurs every so often

Kind of pain in balls that occurs every so often

Every now and then I get a pain in my balls, almost feeling like blue balls but it still occurs sometimes right after I ejaculate or masturbate. I have also checked for testicular cancer but it doesn’t really feel like there is any lump or anything. My balls are very sensitive when I check them for though and I feel that some parts of my testicles are more sensitive than others but other than that it doesn’t feel like a lump or anything. It’s not really like a tingling or numb pain, it feels a lot like if I didn’t blow a load for a few days. I occasionally can cure it by just masturbating but lately sometimes masturbation won’t always get rid of the pain.

Does anyone know what this could be?

A good reason to see a doctor, I think most people would agree.

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