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kick in to the groin

kick in to the groin

About a month ago I was having fun with my friends going into clubs and everything.

One of my friend took his friend a guy that I have always said to be a moron.

I’m sure he uses speed and he acts rather violently towards people and rather randomly, for some unknown reason he slapped me in the head and I haven’t even said anything to him.

Well I am a 220lbs guy and he was maybe around 160lbs so I just smacked him with a fist and he dropped, after about 5min he was again standing and bit dizzy and everyone told him that maybe he can behave now.

About 1hour later he walked up to me and before I knew it I was down screaming out of pain he loaded with hes knee straight into my groin area and after that he just walked away.

After that incident my right testicle was week under constant pain and well maybe this is just me but my sperm production seems to have dropped into half that it was and I cant “spray” it around.

Could my right testicle be out of the game?

Looking to be a kiwi.

It’s probably going to heal by itself and your seminal fluid volume will return to normal, but it’s a good idea to have a urologist check out the injury, especially if you still have residual pain from it. Serious groin injuries should be ignored.



Go have this checked out. When I was in middle school I kicked the shit out of my best friend’s sack. A few hours later he had to leave in an ambulance. It turns out I caused his testicle to turn around. Usually it’ll go back, but I damaged something that holds the testicles in a somewhat secured position. I can’t remember what all happened in there, but it was bad. I think the damaged nut eventualy started to wrap around the healthy one. Anyway, he had to spend the night in the hospital and the doctor had to flick his nuts for half an hour (he said it was painful!) to get them where they needed to be. The flicking worked, but surgery would’ve been needed had it not worked. The worst part is that the doctor told him that he could’ve died. I know it sounds ridiculous, but this is what I was told the doc said. I suppose my friend could’ve been lying about the dying part, but his mother didn’t object to anything he said. I felt pretty bad and had a taste of my own ball crushing experience a year later. I got lucky and didn’t have any serious damage, but you may have something damaged that needs checked out. The only thing that would be hurt by you going to the doctor is your wallet.

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Yeah, get healed up then break his nose or a finger in return. It would be impolite not to return the favour.


Thats rediculous. I have a feeling you just won’t be seeing that guy anytime soon. I mean, if I kicked some larger dude in the groin, I would prolly move to another state. But if you do run in to him, give him hell.


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