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Keratinization of the glans!!!!


Did you encounter severe wrinkling of the glans along with loss of sensitivity? I have not lost sensitivity but I have experienced severe wrinkling.

Originally Posted by powerpeep
This is an old thread but I thought I’d share. (And inconsequentially after 8 years here I still can’t post new threads lol)

Anyway I too suffered from severe keratinization of my glans making sex all but a chore. I tried traditional FR on several occasions but couldn’t make the commitment, and the ManHood and similar just looked like an expensive pain in the ass. Soooo I devised a mild DIY exfoliation and maintenance routine.

For the exfoliation / de-keratinize, I use a simple mix of equal parts baking soda (natural exfoliant) and olive oil (natural emmolient) - Neither are harsh nor toxic and both are readily available in the cupboard. I form a paste with the viscosity of, say.. Molasses. I rub the glans, coronal ridge, and the shaft’s skin down to the circ scar for a couple of minutes using moderate pressure. I simply rinse WITHOUT soap, pat dry and apply some good vitamin E skin lotion when done. During the first week I did this every other day, now once/week is quite sufficient. For convenience I usually do this right after my girth routine and right before I hit the shower.

For maintenance, I cut a large rectangle from an old silk necktie - long and wide enough to protect both the top and bottom of the entire shaft. This gets draped over with the softest side facing in (obvious). I slip a large O-ring over it to keep it in place. The necktie is comfortable and I haven’t lost it even once after I got the correct size o-ring. And - it’s a helluvalot easier to explain away than the “Manhood” should it slip off or be discovered.

For the first few weeks, I wore an unlubricated condom under it to keep everything moist. I still occasionally slip one on if I haven’t worn the silk the previous day/night but it’s easier to just keep a travel tube of moisturizer with me.. It all needs to breath anyway and moving the piece of tie out of the way is simple enough.

This all might sound like a ridiculously tedious regiment but the end result (for me at least) was/is totally worth it. I now possess a fantastically smooth, shiny glans that has brought compliments from several women. Everything is an attractive fresh-skin-pink color as opposed to the dry brown shade it had previously. Further, my head, frenulum, coronal ridge and upper shaft now have more sensitivity than I’ve ever experienced previously making fellatio worthwhile. And since instant gratification was the whole idea, I was pleased when results came nearly instantaneously (like, 3rd day).

Happy thanksgiving to all!

I just started the baking soda/ olive oil process. After my shower I just put on the your skin cone and then the manhood on top of that. Since sometimes I wake up and the your skin cone came off. The your skin cone manhood combo is perfect. Now to speed up this de-keratinization process. I’ll come back with any results.

Increased sensitivity is something many PE folks can use…

I just ordered the “Manhood restorer”, I’m very excited to know that I will eventually get back the sensations that were denied to me.

My glans is crack city when poorly inflated, anyone want to tell me how long it took for you to get your head shiny?

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Wearing 724 condom

Hello everyone. I am a 29 years old male and circumcised when I was 8. I just discovered this year what I have keratinization on my glans.

Which I want to ask, does wearing 7/24 condom work? Anybody tried for a long term?

I ordered manhood restorer from it’s website but I haven’t received it yet and I am going to use it. Does anyone use and happy with it I want to know.

Finally, I have started to wear condom 7/24 for two days, I hope I won’t quit. I am going to use it for a long term I suppose. It seems working nowadays but it possibly to be placebo.

Hey Baba, I’ve been using a condom 24/7 for about 2 weeks now.

I’ve noticed that my glans have become dryer than ever, why? Because the upper layer of skin is about to shed off.
Hopefully I will have some sexy sensitive skin underneath. However to aid this process I’m going to exfoliate using baking soda and olive oil like powerpeep in this thread have done.

What results have you seen so far?

I’m very confident that this will finally restore my glans to its full glory. I’ll probably post back whenever the results I desire are achieved, however long that will take.

Start stats NBP: 6.7 inches length, 5.12 inches girth.

Goal: 7.0x5.6 // 18x14,3cm nbp

Current: 6.8x5.314

Hi Sumbgd

I haven’t noticed about drying glans.

I have used for a month nearly 24/7 condom thing. Just I broke up only for 10 days because I was outside of my country and now I continue.

Therefore I have used it only 20 days and results can feelable.

My glans is now %20-25 more sensitive I think before the 24/7 condom wearing.

And I received my manhood, its very soft and silky. I have worn it only for 3 days. I can’t say anything about it works or not.

Regarding the manhood, yes it works. However it will not give you a smooth and 100% sensitive glans. Which is why I now only use the manhood when im going out and expect seeing women.
It will give you results, major results if you just started. But after a while you need to go beyond it if you want optimal sensitivity, so 24/7 condom wearing (+ baking soda/olive oil exfoliation) is the best option.

To clarify regarding the dried glans I mean that if I for some reason let my dick hang out in the air unprotected for some time and let the moisture evaporate, the dead skin cells become somewhat visible and give my glans a relatively rough touch. Now that I have begun exfoliating I suspect all will be fine and I won’t have to wait for the skin to shed off on its own. I’ll see.

Start stats NBP: 6.7 inches length, 5.12 inches girth.

Goal: 7.0x5.6 // 18x14,3cm nbp

Current: 6.8x5.314

Baking soda olive oil.

I see, can you describe how to use the baking soda and olive oil?

I use it like powerpeep said in this thread:

I take a pinch of baking soda and about 5 drops of olive oil, mix it in a cup, then smear it on my fingers and proceed to rub my glans and all the skin down to my circumcision scar.
You will feel a very gentle scrubbing sensation. I do this before I take a shower, so directly after I use water to wash it away.

My finishing touch is too add a bit of olive oil as a moisturizer and slip on my modified condom.

Start stats NBP: 6.7 inches length, 5.12 inches girth.

Goal: 7.0x5.6 // 18x14,3cm nbp

Current: 6.8x5.314

Wash it immediately or wait a few minutes?

I rub for a couple of minutes and when im done I wash it away immediately

Start stats NBP: 6.7 inches length, 5.12 inches girth.

Goal: 7.0x5.6 // 18x14,3cm nbp

Current: 6.8x5.314

I just bought vitamin E oil that I will use after Im done scrubbing and washing. It is supposed to be better for skin rejuvenation than olive oil.

Aside from that I now won’t let my dick/glans hang out in the air other then when I shower and pee. Naturally it isnt even supposed to be exposed during those activities, so the less exposure the better for sensitivity.
Ill stop masturbating to, even with lube since direct friction from my hand to glans is rougher than the touch of natural foreskin would be.

When going out I will use the manhood and carry a travel pack of vitamin E oil with me in case my member dries out.

Ill reserve my glans and dick solely for sex, as nature intended.

Start stats NBP: 6.7 inches length, 5.12 inches girth.

Goal: 7.0x5.6 // 18x14,3cm nbp

Current: 6.8x5.314

Petroleum Jelly within 24-7 condom hood

Has anybody tried putting a layer of petroleum jelly on the glans when covering with a condom?

Will try the dekeratinization exfoliation exercises with baking soda and provide cover as well.

The cut tie was a brilliant sock/”manhood” alternative.

I wish I could do foreskin restoration but I have a dorsal slit and there’s hardly anything to pull at the base where my foreskin was slit open. Surgery could be an option but it’s too costly and complicated. Will try DIY methods first.

I used it months ago.. I think the petroleum jelly supports the keratinization process while your glans is keratinizating. It’s not good. I am going to try it for just moistrizing once a week or less.


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