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Kegels Helped with Nighttime Polyuria

Kegels Helped with Nighttime Polyuria

In my early twenties, when I would go to urinate, it would take me about thirty or forty seconds to empty my bladder, but over the last few years I have had an increase in the amount of times I need to go to urinate and a decrease in the amount that actually comes out. At night I had found myself getting up a minimum of two times and many times close to five.
But I’ve been doing kegels the last couple of months. I noticed about three weeks ago that I’ve been staying asleep throughout the night and, when I piss, I’m back to a good 30 seconds of solid, forceful urinating.It’s great!
I was actually asked this morning- “What did you drink last night?”. To which I replied “I’ve been doing my kegels”.

Anyone have a similar experience?


Interesting. Were you just doing Kegel’s or jelqs too? I suffered of polyuria since whe I was a kid, after a few weeks of jelqs it disappeared.

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I have been doing both as part of my PE routine.

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