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Kegels for distance?

Kegels for distance?

While i consider my PC muscle strong and have been doing a abbreviated kegel routine, would intense kegels or more kegels allow for greater distance in ejaculation?

Is there a direct correlation?



Work the Girth...

I believe it’s well agreed that the stronger your PC, the further and more forcefully you can shoot (with strgoner contractions = more intense orgasm)

But there are other factors. For example, if I were to have a quick whackoff so to speak, it usually just trickles or spurts a bit, but when I have sex with my girlfriend for extended periods, when I eventually blow it usually hits me in the shoulders/neck, as it has done the past few times from hour long intercourse(s)

maybe if I did some real kegel training it would go over my head and I could last even longer, but what the hell there you go hehe :)

I agree with Secjay. the motivation of the moment plays an important fact of how hard you are into it. I am the same way as Secjay is when it comes to manual stimulation verses actual intercourse.

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