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Kegels and motivation

Kegels and motivation

Ok, so I’ve kegeled intermittedatly over the years, and tried a variety of routines. I’ve stuck with some for up to sever months at a time, but have never seen any dramatic results. This obviously makes maintaining the motivation to do them pretty difficult. I’m curious if anyone can suggest a program along with some useful waypoints or markers to shoot for.

I’m a long time athlete, who tends to be very disciplined about my training, but the difference here is that I can see results from it, I think if I saw improvement in something along the way it would be easier to maintain a program of kegels.


Start over with the newbie routine and make sure you do it 5 days week. Learn how to do things the right way, so you don’t waste anymore time. Gradually increase you excersizes over time and 12 months from now you will see a difference. If you cannot put the time in, or do things the wrong way, the results will suffer.

I don’t think there is a honest man on this board who can say that he didn’t gain after 12 months if the required time and energy was put in.


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