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Kegel - the secret revealed

There is a impressive video on youtube about IC muscles. Search: 5 Muscles of perineum.

Yes, that’s Acland’s video Atlas. But there is nothing about movement unfortunately ;)

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Actually that video serves as a topographic guide to localize IC muscles.

I clicked on the link you gave gonchi, in youtube it said ‘The URL contained a malformed video ID’ and no video.

Originally Posted by Matt356
Yes it is. And I also You are right with the cloth. That may be useful, because I have an idea..

Look guys - kegel make your penis move up and down. The cloth is something to resist against. When you go to gym, you also take weights - to increase the mass and strength of muscles.

Some of you may say it’s obvious but:

Take a stick in one hand. If you move your hand up, the stick goes up.

But put the stick on a little rock on the ground and let the rock be under the central point of the stick. Now, if you want to move up one end, you have to push down the other.
That’s why I believe that not only performing the movement, but also understanding it and the anatomy is the key.

And sparkyx - I believe you were doing this “hold-urine” BC squeeze. Notice that kegel (IC) is to make your erection stronger - that’s why the cloth is a good idea because the resistance helps you to keep the resistance and increases your erection.

So the “hold your urine” squeeze is the wrong one? I tried doing it the opposite way and it did feel like it was making more of a difference. I’m doing a kegel that is sort of pushing my penis out. Is this right? I do feel it more on the upper penis and pubic bone more.

I think it should work. Hold urine is bad because think about yourself - when you are about to cum, do you feel like you are holding something inside of you? Of course not. When you are having sex, are you trying to hide your penis into your body? Of course not. You are trying to give it as much energy as possible and make your partner feel you really big inside.

As some of you already know - you can separate orgasm from ejaculation. Have you ever ejaculated semi-erected or with weak erection? Probably yes. Have you ever had so much sex during your day that even when you were erected you couldn’t finish? Probably yes. It shows you that you can control this two things. So in simple words: to ejaculate focus on the down side of your unit close to your rectum and make it pulsing. To delay ejaculation pull up this place deeply inside(BC). To improve your erection concentrate either on the dorsal part of your penis (feels great during sex, like “rubbing” your penis) or on the sides of it (like walls 2-3cm of height of your penis) and try to squeeze it or push forward just a little (IC).

Last tip: when you are having morning wood, you have good erection and it feels great but you don’t feel like climaxing, right? Think where you feel your penis best? Of course in front of the pubis. Try it, feel it and control it. Good luck!

I clicked on the link you gave gonchi, in youtube it said ‘The URL contained a malformed video ID’ and no video.

Yes, I don’t know why, but you must search: 5 Muscles of perineum.


Are you taking as reference point to squeeze or push forward the section of IC closer to Pubic Ramus (fig.A)?

Nice sensations my friend!

I remember seeing a video somewhere on net, and a guy was sitting on knees on the floor and then he started working out with his penis. The penis kind of lifted up and down and he ejaculated. He didn’t use his hands. He dried and did it again. Anyway in about 3-4 minutes I think, he ejaculated 3-4 time and he was erected fully alltime.

I found a link about it, can I post it?

Okay no problem :)

Here it is



Why was he rubbing his cum all over himself? O_O


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