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Kegel - the secret revealed

When you exercise your biceps with very hard training, for few days your arm is weaker. Same with kegel. When the muscles are tired with hard training, they may have temporary problems with normal function. But don’t worry. I day of rest and it should be all ok.

What is the exercise to find the VIP muscle?

Also Does the VIP have PE abilities like it is said online?is the VIP muscle related to ballooning?

Important read if you are looking for the truth about the “VIP muscle”. Read particularly the second to last post.

It seems that VIP is really a hormone called “Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide” and is responsible for erections and orgasm.:-k

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Current Goal:--->7.6" BPEL X 5.8" MSEG Do or do not, there is no "try".

This is a fantastic thread! I have also written a little about kegel stretches. I am not sure if they work the IC muscle or not, but they give me a temporary base-girth increase, so I’m thinking the IC may be involved. You have to build up kegel stretches very slowly or your EQ will dive. If it does, just wait 5-6 days (no PE of any type allowed) and EQ will be like rock :)

My kegel stretches thread: My quest for PE knowledge - with conclusion!

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Kegel videos or pix

Matt 366 plz post the videos that you got,I realy need to see how does it work,I don’t know how to kegel

Write me on priv your email erfan. Thunder says I can’t post them here.

I think I got it!

Just before as I was going ejaculate and there is no turn-around I accidently Squeezed the pc muscle but then I released and did a opposite pc-muscle squeeze and it stopped.
And my erect got even bigger in beginning but then dropped to maybe 50% but then did go up to 100again!

But I still can’t isolate that muscle while I’m sitting here?

Why that?

ThunderSS - I have those videos from the official web pages. Sometimes I had to convert them from flash, sometimes I had to do something else. I never had to pay for them, and they are not somebody private videos. Does it make a difference?

Kegel secret

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Then why don’t you post a link to the originals?

Hello guys, I ,for one ,would like to see the videos. Just so I can know I’m locating them right.

Utogent has a link with a good view of the muscle. Pe-ZEN ,uses the internal penis stretch that

Involves this muscle ,along with the penis base.

Perhaps these exercises can help locate this for us.

Learning more!! Thanks!

ThunderSS - I don’t remember those sites.. I’ve just downloaded the files because it was all I needed.


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