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Kegel - the secret revealed

Originally Posted by Matt356
IC delays ejaculation.
BC - squeeze of this muscle throws our everything out from urethra: urine and semen. It pushes out.
PC - stops urinating, helps to increase to blood flow in prostate
Vip muscle - pulls prostate up and helps to close the anus

My understanding of a kegel is that it is a flex of the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor I’ve always understood to contain a variety of muscles (IC, BC, PC, VIP), each of which contributes to sexual strength. Perhaps it is just me but I don’t think I have even close to the degree of control required to flex just one of these muscles in isolation; I think the typical kegel by most people already incorporates this muscle, along with many others (probably abdominals and buttocks as well).

Would there be an advantage to learning to contract the IC by itself as opposed to performing the standard pelvic floor exercise? Otherwise I plan on continuing as I always have.

Also… based upon the few pictures that I’ve seen, the IC seems important for good EQ, but the BC still seems more likely to stop an ejaculation (it is like the pump — clamping the pump down prevents it from “pumping” anything out). How would the IC effect ejaculation at all?

Ch95 - I have never said the IC stops the ejaculation directly - it’s the muscle that takes over the orgasmic contraction and by that, leave less tension for BC to ejaculate - that’s the way it works. It’s live taking object from ground - you may do it on your legs straight with the power of your back. Or you can do it with work of your legs - and it’s better then.

Pelvic Floor is all bunch of muscles. Saying to use them all is like saying that You need your corps to flex when You eat a meal and you are far away form table. It’s better to use just use the hand. No pressure, nobody forces you but it may be interesting to try.

For Dr Lin I say - no, thank You.

I have two questions

1.I have been kegeling for a while and just contract the whole area at once and have become very used to this. Should I just start everything over to try to isolate the IC, without contracting my anus or any other part?

2.I am not sure if I am doing the reverse kegel right. All I do is the same thing when you try to urinate faster, or kinda blow out. This isn’t anywhere as hard as a kegel, so it doesn’t really seem like I’m doing it right. Is it really that easy? should you do it for as much time as your do normal kegels? Also, for a normal kegel, you only used the muscles in your pelvis, but for a reverse kegel, you’re using your abdominal muscles, right?

1. Keep working if You have results. This threads is rather for guys who want to know more or can’t find the right way I guess.

2. Westla said once that reverse kegel is all about relaxing all the muscles, and as far as pushing down to urinate faster - it doesn’t fell something in particular special - I think You are doing it ok.

Alex553 your reverse kegel is fine. It isn’t difficult, just a means of relaxing the pelvic floor.

So I’ve decided to be a bit of a guinea pig. I definitely cannot flex any individual muscle in the pelvic floor but I have been doing kegels for a long time and so I do have a lot of control. I’ve been trying to focus more on the IC when kegeling and it seems to be going well. I will continue this and let you guys know if I observe any results.

Originally Posted by man-of-10
While you build up the contraction, focus your attention around the base of your penis(just behind/under the base)- you want to feel the tension here. I try not to contract the muscles further back like at the anus, as this brings the feeling away from the base, which isn’t good.

I’m not sure I want to focus only on muscles near the penis, trying to avoid exercising the other parts.

As a matter of fact, I believe it’s very important to exercise the muscle wrapping the prostate - which is actually closer to the anus than to the penis.
This part of the muscle in my opinion maybe it’s less important to keep the erection, but largely contributes to orgasms intensity, better squeezing the prostate.
Moreover, if I remember well this kind of exercise, focused upon the prostate, helps in avoiding possible future prostate problems.

Muscle focus

I kind of get what he’s saying. If you focus on the lower abs a bit, closer to the pubic bone.. I feel like it’s pushing outwards anyways. I have to contact quit hard to get this feeling. Maybe your questioning too much without enough experimentation? These muscles have to be strengthened after all. It’s definitely involving my cock muscles.

Hey Matt I think too that “dr” Lin is just a scam. He only wants to sell his product.

Anyway, a good advice for doing kegels is, doing it while standing/sitting/lying. You will notice that different muscles are involved at the different positions. I agree with theleviathan that the muscles around the prostate are also very important for healthy sexlife.

Man I hope someone tells a really simple way of doing this. I think I may have it, I am just contracting the muscles on either side of my unit, and it’s a very light feeling?

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Originally Posted by sparkyx
This is correct. I think learning to separate them is only necessary if you want to develop more exotic abilities.

Doing chinese shadows with the penis?


Originally Posted by sparkyx

This is correct. I think learning to separate them is only necessary if you want to develop more exotic abilities.

I respectfully disagree. I think that strength and control are equally important (exotic abilities may be a nice perk though :) )

How do you separete the muscles… I try and try and keep doing the same old school kegel… DAMN .




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