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Kegel - the secret revealed

Thanks Guys , for collecting this info !!

I want to do this !

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I’ve been surfing around and reading the posts on this forum for about 3 months now. Normally, when there is a well discussed topic, someone with more experience will take the technical details and try to explain in laymen terms. I’m not sure if this is really complicated, and only a few people can learn how to control this muscle, or the moderators just haven’t gotten around to giving a better explanation. Or maybe, there isn’t a better explanation. But, given the fact that the first explanation was extremely difficult to read due to the broken english and dogmatic descriptions. Hopefully no offense to the author, but he/she should dispense with technical terms if trying to explain to a general audience. Additionally, I would think someone with more experience would take the time to expound on this for the layman’s interested in this topic. Anyways, if I figure out what the heck we’re talking about here, I will do my best to provide a better explanation.

Sorry, but I’m a bit upset that a capable veteran hasn’t bothered to clarify.

Yeah for a second I got excited but got no actual substantive instructions, which must exist for this “technique” or exercise to exist. It sounds like a PE version of mental masturbation, like LOT theory which literally hurts my brain (I”m a Bib starter owner by the way.) These intriging theories get in the way of pulling on your dick. And since I went hard into kegals the past few months, my erections are becoming the “steel pipe” a little bit. It’s nice to see the size I’ve gained expressed in a pleasant looking thick upward curved longer boner.

The seduction community also has many theories, which are circular and lead to mental conclusions without physical improvement. Get abdominal muscles revealed, get a big flaccid/boner, then you’ll be motivated to dress well/cool. At that point all women want you, and you have to find out if they are cool and want an alpha fu-k buddy. No theories.

Pull on your dick. Thicken it. Squeeze your Pubo- what the heck ever muscles. They sure make your boners harder.

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So can anyone explain what to do during sex for controlling the ejaculation?

Do you do kegel while you have sex or do you do a reverse kegel? Or do you contract the so hard to find IC muscle?

I’ve come back and forth to this thread, and maybe this time I have it. Right now I’m thinking that a normal ‘kegel forward’ motion should do the trick. Your BC will pull down, but if you make a sort of forward motion complementary to (and slightly against) the BC, then you’re activating your IC.

That’s all, two birds with one stone and no need to make it complex: A forward kegel (where it feels like you’re trying to push your dick forward) is just a kegel using the BC and IC at the same time. I think it’s what you’d do with towel raises.

Just to clarify, the IC doesn’t actually push forward, but by pivot motion it ends up pulling the BC forward a bit. Thinking about a forward kegel might be all you really need to think about. I’ve been doing these forward kegels (first mentioned by cheeva) and reverse kegels for balance and my EQ has never been harder.

After a few tries i found the IC and manage to isolate it from the BC i gotta say the feeling is awesome, i totally recommend all members should learn to control it and isolate it. Why? because it compresses the Corpus Cavernosa by reducing the amount of blood that goes out. means EQ will go up as then longer you can keep IC compressed, i still gotta practice some more with it but i think the IC is the holy grail of Kegels… Everyone should be instructed on how to isolate their IC.

Here is how i manage to isolate the IC.

I first Isolated the BC.
Means basically only contracting the muscle that stop urine flow and can make your cock bounce up and down. Learn the sensation you feel when using your BC and also how its contraction affects your asshole.

Now remember the feelings your got when using BC you should NOT feel any of that if you are properly isolating the IC, I used the muscle that pulls your testicles towards your cock also used the lower abdominal that is just on top of cock and to better allow the isolation i did a reverse kegel to keep the BC fully relaxed, by combining all that i got this new feeling which is amazing. You should feel your cock is being squeezed (like if it was being jelq by your own body) your cock will become HARD reallly HARD and all veins will be pooping out.

I masturbated a bit fooling around with the IC and it was different, i need to learn to control it better but looks like it can be used to keep a full erection after ejaculation and perhaps help you last longer.

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Thanks for this thread. Confusing at first but after reading all the way through it, I think I get it. I originally came to the thread by searching for reverse kegels and I still have a question about those. Should these be considered an actual exercise or just something you do during a sexual encounter to prevent Premature Ejaculation? In other words, should I work these into a regimen along with the rest of the newbie routine exercises (maybe starting with 100 reverse kegels held for 5 seconds or something along those lines) or, because it is essentially forced relaxation of the muscles contracted during a normal kegel exercise, is it unnecessary to form a regimen around this technique and only use it during sex?

Think I’ve cracked tensing this muscle and I think I can simplify previous descriptions.

When you flex an erection, tense your dick or when you bob your dick up and down, that’s the muscle, I find it much easier to isolate when hard or semi hard. When I’m flaccid it’s much harder to tense and I end up tensing my anus and other muscles, as mentioned by previous posts you don’t want that.

Am I right?

I’ve been doing the 50 kegels in the newbie routine with this method and it feels much more “engorging” and a smart thing to do after working out.

Good Post.

I’m able to isolate it flacid now. One thing for sure, it has caused my erection angle to go up.

Hey guys

I’ve been really focused on my kegels lately, and I noticed that my BC muscles almost can’t stop contracting while I’m having sex.

Is it a good thing? It feels like more difficult for me to cum.

So, is there anything I could do to keep control and not squeeze it during sex?

I stoped doing my kegels, but I feel like the BC muscles keep going strong just by having sex. I almost contract it all the time without even thinking about it. I don’t want to make anything worst.

Well, at least my EQ sure improved.

I don’t think it’s a problem if you can ejaculate normally, I mean it happens involuntarily when edging. Maybe you unconsciously do it to get deeper or something, the penis does move a bit when doing kegels so it might be happening to increase stimulation.

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