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Kegel - the secret revealed

Ahhh.. So contracting the IC is pretty much a reverse kegel? (That and deep breaths into the lower abdomen with some abdominal help though hopefully not too much from there)

Well this is all very interesting and sounds cool.. But how in the hell does one contract the ic muscles? I can only seem to flex the BC (like stopping urine flow), and whatever muscles lift your balls against your abdomen. I can control those just fine.. But I can’t for the life of me figure out how to manually contract the ic muscles.


With an erection, reach behind the pubic bones with thumb and forefinger on either side of the shaft. When you flex whatever you can, you will feel the IC muscles. From there you’re on your own ;-)

Here’s another diagram that might prove helpful:

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Originally Posted by drabbuhmot
Check out

I’ve attached a few screen shots.

thanks for this! really helping to visualize it

Hm, I always thought a reverse kegel is the same thing as when you force a fart out or piss stronger and kegel is when you stop piss midstream.

Oh okay.. So the reverse kegel is essentially pushing to piss harder? Ok cool. So doing this helps balance the muscles and helps you control when you orgasm better? Need to do this more.. Seems my BC muscle is incredibly well developed, but not the others.

Its almost the same.

The reverse kegel pushes this muscle so it constricts the inner dick. Thus you get more blood into the visible dick.

So the reverse kegel makes sense but I mnot so sure if it really trains this muscle..
But the reverse kegel for me is just big pressure everywhere down there.

But you can engage the IC in detail too. The BC will be engaged a bit too as they both meet each other.

Its a very fine thing.
I would compare it with moving part of your eyebrows or your ears or moving forearm muscles without engaging your hands.

If you sit and push a reverse kegel you will have your balls moving upward in most cases.
The isolated IC squezze is the same but without the big pressure in the whole area.

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So it’s not the “push”? Hmm.. This is all a pain to figure out!

I know where the muscles are, but if I feel my dick there, I can push, pull, move every muscle I know down there and nothing contracts or squeezes these muscles. How are you supposed to strengthen a muscle you can’t even mentally control?

Originally Posted by FL_Titan
So it’s not the “push”? Hmm.. This is all a pain to figure out!

I know where the muscles are, but if I feel my dick there, I can push, pull, move every muscle I know down there and nothing contracts or squeezes these muscles. How are you supposed to strengthen a muscle you can’t even mentally control?

lol yeah. sorry.
I can very easily raise my left eyebrow but its very hard for me to isolate raise my right eyebrow without raising my left eyebrow.
But its doable.

The Ischiocavernous is a very thin muscle who is infact two muscles.(left and right)
I suggest to play around a bit with the tool draabumhot showed pictures of:
Its a push but only where the muscle is located. With a reverse kegel I push my whole area down there.
With the IC muscle its behind the pubis up towards the glands as if you want to move the glands towards your belly.
Its more like a push and pull. like a dowser pulling up.
I just found that when you stretch the dick down to the point were there is no tugback(kegeling with the BC muscle and getting no pull inside) its easier to isolate.
If you find the point of no-tugback(with bc muscle) you stop and hold the stretch.
Now try to move the glans with the IC muscle up. the movement is not from the underside like with the BC muscle but from the top side of your dick(again see the illustration in

Originally Posted by sparkyx
I was experimenting with this some more. I was hanging a wt straight down and normally at that LOT I can get no “tug back” with a kegel. However, this time I can get the wt to swing, by contracting the IC.

I am hoping this will have a similar effect to doing the erect towel lifting exercise. I assume it will. If so, then this would be a great addition in that you can do it without an erection. Also it seems to pump my flaccid up, but not sure if that was a direct or indirect effect.

another good way to engage that muscles

Bump - great thread.

Think I found the IC muscle.. The towel hang is your starting point.. Everything goes from there.. Tricky lil sucker.. Balls kinda go up inside you but anus is relaxed

Posting just so I don’t forget about this thread..unless if there is a way that I can save it..

Start date ? Going to say sept,2012

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I’ve been gone for a few months. In this time it looks like you’ve done a great job cracking this subtle and powerful tool open, and explaining pretty well something that is both difficult to explore and articulate. Cheers!

I know that my own ED and premature ejaculation are made much worse by obscenely powerful/tight BC, resulting from my natural pain responses to scar tissue near my glans (peyronie’s). I also have a strong response similar to what GGXE described.

I’ll be using your improved explanation to attempt an improvement in the ratio of IC strength to BC strength. I’m not sure whether these techniques will help me gain better control of my powerful and overactive BC, but decreasing the apparent disparity between BC and IC strength seems likely to help.

Can someone please explain to me what I’m supposed to be doing to improve EQ (Erection Quality) in simple terms?


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