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Kegel - the secret revealed

Yes and 1 little trick is if you are near to cum press with your finger this part of the body and you stop immediately

Originally Posted by kfarrelldba
So what exactly is your problem? You said you only last for a few seconds of thrusting? Is that it?

Yes, after contact with my erect penis I feel the orgasmic sensations around the skin of my penis, and the cum comes out.

All I can say is that since I started doing the kegel holds, to the point where my prostrate is spasoming, and with the use of the aneros, it’s transformed sex for me.
But I’ve never had a problem with holding out. I have to MAKE myself cum.

If you’ve never had a problem holding out then what was your problem? Isn’t this thread about premature ejaculation?

Originally Posted by kfarrelldba
No, it’s a different muscle group. With practice you can differentiate between the anal spincter muscles and the PC muscles.

Here’s how I learned to distinguish between the two muscles. I’m not saying this will help you. It sounds like you’ve got an extreme case of Pre mature ejaculation if I’m reading your posts correctly.


I would call it extreme, yes, from observing others though, since this state of penis is all I have ever known so it’s normal for me. I can’t comprehend how long I see regular people last in homemade sex videos.

What I don’t understand mainly is: How does it feel to have the soft tissue slide up and down the skin of your penis if it doesn’t make you ejaculate? Do you feel anything? With mine it’s like this: nice, NICE, NICE. Do yours just stay at the first nice?

Have you tried St. Johns wort and 5-htp? These are natural supplements and have the same effect as SSRI’s for me. That is instead of taking 1 hour to finish it takes me 2.

On SSRI I came just as fast when I was fully hard, the only thing it delayed is how fast it took me to get hard. So I had both severe ED and severe PE.

Originally Posted by Nevod
What we lack here is the distinction between neural triggers and muscles themselves.
People with PE have overgrown pathways linking stimulation to ejaculation, people with retarded ejaculation have too weak pathways, so stimulation does not result in BC spasms.
If one with overgrown pathways will practice Kegels too eagerly, he would intensify his PE, as muscles are still triggered, but they’ve grown stronger so that same level of control signal results in more reaction, while for those with retarded or at least normal ejaculation, kegels do only benefits.

There has recently been a thread on PE, which told about de-triggering. If you have serious PE problems, don’t kegel till you cure it at least partially. Also, you have not to hold piss or shit for too long, as it also results in PC-BC muscle triggering. Try to always relax your pelvic area, as having too much tension there is a common problem. Yet, you can practice reverse kegels.
The real detriggering is done by stimulation without ejaculation - masturbate for long, try to find out what throws you near PONR and attack that trigger - stimulate it, and when you’re near the PONR, stop altogether. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Actually, aneros is super useful for that - as it allows you to directly stimulate the prostate and, by not ejaculating, de-trigger it (prostate trigger is hard to disable by masturbation, as it’s triggered mostly by thrusting movements).

I’ve done that since I was 13 or 14. I ‘edged’ and played with the PONR years and years before I knew what these terms were.

Now, on topic. When I do kegels, there are 2 quite distinct ways of doing it - one seems to be BC-PC one - when contraction is felt below internal penis shaft all the way to the anus, and other - probably IC-BC one - is when tug is felt right abore penis at the base, plus some contraction behind the balls. Outside, they look the same, penis retracts 3-4 mm into the body in either case, but the feeling is clearly different. It’s not so easy to control which one you’re doing for the first time, but in just a few days you’ll be able to pick one of the ways without problem. However, after a few kegels, I could do only the first one, as IC muscle seem to get tired easily. Wait a few seconds, and you have proper control again. I always watch so that I do IC-BC kegels, not BC-PC. It’s somewhat harder to do, IC tires quickly and starts to stutter after a few long kegels, but it has to be trained. I kegel for about 20 minutes twice a day during driving to and from work. That’s about 150 short kegels, 30-40 long ones, they take 15 minutes, and 150 long ones again. I also do short ones in between long ones when I feel that muscles are overloaded.

Third, over-topic. We can kegel more or less intensively, and for longer or shorter time. But there’s a limit to the load produced that way, no way to grow the IC and BC supercharged. Erect kegels push it a little further, but still there’s a limit. I’ve been thinking of weighted kegels, both flaccid and erect. Hang a small weight on a flaccid penis and kegel, for former one, and put a weight ( say, a wet towel) on erect penis and kegel for the second one. Is it possible to get these muscles stronger that way?

Like the quote below I’ve done kegels for months and they didn’t help. I can’t isolate this muscle and I haven’t found any info that has got me to isolating or locating it. And forgive me but I’m skeptical that you can. Can you forcefully push out (I mean opposite of tense) your anus and simultaneously forcefully tense the IC muscle?

Originally Posted by Flashpoint
I am with everyone else on here that doesn’t have a clue how to do this. Been doing 400 kegels a day for the past 2 weeks with no difference in performance. I just did some kegels to figure this muscle out, but as always my ass muscle goes along with the dick muscle. Now if I really focus I can work the dick muscle with little movement from the ass muscle, so am I doing this correctly? Also, if I put my finger in the area between my ass and balls I can feel this muscle working, so is this the muscle that I want to focus on to control ejaculation?

The key phrase here is ‘little movement’. Are you really focusing on the dick muscle or are you just using less pressure/tension overall and subsequently the whole area has ‘less tension’ but you have wishful thinking and focus on the ‘ass muscle’ being less tense rather than the ‘dick muscle’, which is just as loose? For me I thought the former for a while then realized it was the latter.

If you edged and played with the PONR how comes that you can’t control the ejaculation?

Originally Posted by tumburu

If you edged and played with the PONR how comes that you can’t control the ejaculation?

Because it never progressed. I’m still at the point I was at since I was 14. This ‘detriggering’ is obviously not based on anything real, just guesswork without any proof which will sadly make some men waste their time in hopeful optimism that it will work, only to be disappointed.

I’ve got a question about kegels..

I’ve been doing them for ever.. Months and months

And the muscle group isn’t getting any stronger

I can barely do any contractions at all in a (good) day. And then for a day or two (or more) after that I can’t even do one good one in a day. There’s been no improvement.. I thought muscles were supposed to strengthen from tension.. What the hell? I don’t have any complications that stop me from working out or anything.

I am not giving my proper attention to kegel thing. My bad!

Beginning: 5,9" (15cm) x 4,4" (11cm)

STG: 6,3" (16cm) x 5,1" (13cm) :: LTG: 6,7" (17cm) x 5,5" (14cm)

Now: 5,9" (15cm) x 4,8" (12,7cm)

Bhauk - you are exercising the wrong muscle - it’s very common - change it, don’t get upset - most people give up and then they “pay” for it by not developing their potential.

Try to exercise in various positions: like the one you take during push-ups for example. It may sound crazy - but it’s true. You have sex as well in different positions. And there is nothing more difficult to recognise the right muscle during flaccid kegels. Get a boner, then work.

It looks like there are 3 or maybe 4 kegel methods being mentioned here.
1. Standard kegel squeezing muscles between anus and scrotum
2. Reverse Kegel as one does to expel urine
THEN regarding the IC I’m not sure which of these two is the goal:
3. Squeeze, but focusing on area at the top of the base of the penis and also on the sides of the base of the penis. This causing the bouncing that can lift a towel.
4. Use abdominal muscles to create a pressure at the deepest point of your penis that you can feel, within your pelvis, pushing and making an outward pressure from the internal base of the penis. (I don’t mean to sound vulgar, but as I’ve understood this explanation, it sounds like what one does when trying to expel feces from the rectum, but instead focused at the front of the body, as though you were trying to push the entire penis out from the body starting at the base.)

I’m very interested in strengthening my IC, I think that it could do me a lot of good, but I’m not sure how to do it. Which explanation is correct? Are they both wrong? Also Matt, if you could please try again on this

And One VERY IMPORTANT thing I would like to add here. About TUG-BACK. DON’T TRY “escaping” with your penis to the inner structures of Your pelvis. It’s the worst You can do because it kills Your erection.

I would appreciate it, because it sounds very important and I can’t understand it. Thanks very much!

Originally Posted by dirtyass

So I found it easy to locate this muscle by doing a very weak Kegel making sure you don’t feel any contractions in your anus. Then you get a retraction movement in your penis but no other muscles clench.

Now that I felt I had located the muscle I put it to the test whilst edging. Someone had said in the thread that by using the IC muscle it stopped the muscle responsible for making you ejaculate from contracting (BC or PC). So I was edging away and I kept squeezing the IC every second just gently and it took me alot longer to reach the PONR, and after that short rest gap it took me ALOT longer to re-reach PONR (which is normally I normally do in 30 seconds). It’s like the small IC muscle contractions stopped the short intense feelings you normally get through out masturbation (the ones that gradually get more frequent the closer you are to PONR). Don’t get me wrong it still felt nice and my erection was constantly great through out.

Now I have a real ache in my IC muscle. From contracting every second or two for a long time!

NExt time I am going to try this whilst having sex and report back.

Well the very weak kegel, I mean if we talk of something like what happens when you try to make finally a stronger kegel but at the very beginning of the contraction, makes me comes quickly. While masturbation or having sex I have to avoid these weak kegels because they lead me to quickly to the ponr. Did I miss something?

***Pas de vrais résultats depuis 2011*** NBPEL:15 cm (17cm BPEL) MEG:11,5 cm FIRST GOALS:18 cm X 13 cm

BPEL : bone pressed erect length / NBPEL : non bone pressed erect length / BPFSL : bone pressed flacid streched length / NBFSL : non bone pressed flacid streched length

Sure kegels don’t make you cum quicker rather than last longer?

It depends, people like me must better do reverse kegel, others regular kegels. Then it depends of the strenght, the place where you do it.Without talking about the very strong kegel to do when the ponr arrives to try to make a dry orgasm, Some people succeeds in lasting longer by doing kegels more down, closer to the anus (mulha). Me I was asking about weak ones more near the place where the penis begins to come inside, the very beginning of the roots (vajroli), and not the end of it more near the anus that I just talked about (mulha).

***Pas de vrais résultats depuis 2011*** NBPEL:15 cm (17cm BPEL) MEG:11,5 cm FIRST GOALS:18 cm X 13 cm

BPEL : bone pressed erect length / NBPEL : non bone pressed erect length / BPFSL : bone pressed flacid streched length / NBFSL : non bone pressed flacid streched length

A few weeks ago i was experimenting with reverse kegeling and the PONR (by myself) and I managed to ejaculate twice without going into a refractory state. Basically as I was approaching PONR I held a steady reverse kegel, and then I would ejaculate a moderate amount. I was able to then continue stimulation and work my way up to another PONR. This happened twice, and at my third PONR I didn’t attempt to do anything unusual, I just finished. I haven’t yet tried to replicate this. Has anyone else done this? If I ever get my EQ and stamina back up, I’m definitely going to try to recapture this trick, I think some girls would think it was pretty neat.

Wow thanks for this great thread. Never realized about the IC muscle but always felt that there are various differences in the muscles down there.
A simple kegel contracts this IC muscle too but not that intense when concentrating on it.

I think I somewhat isolated it but the bc muscles is still moving too and I guess its very hard to 100% isolate it cause they are connected in some way.

I have very low angle errections since PE and I guess the IC kegels will help with this very much

thanks again.

Something profound.

I was rereading this thread today from the beginning. On the first page I found myself trying to do what Matt was describing while still reading it. I briefly tapped into some very perfect muscle control. While doing it, I noticed that I was pushing blood right into my flaccid penis. I continued to do it until it inflated “all the way” (I use quotations, because I have peyronie’s and poor erections). I was able to go from completely flaccid, with no sexual stimulation or fantasizing and push by push inflate it.

I was only attempting to push the penis outward from near the base. I wasn’t attempting to squeeze or contract anything. I played around with it some more, and went from flaccid to erect through just pushing. No touching, no fantasizing. The second time I had to sort of re-find the perfect way to push. When doing so I found that the right search involves rather a lot of activity in the abdomen and no activity in the perineum or anus area.

By the time I read to the end of this thread I tried to do it again, and I am having trouble rediscovering the proper muscle involvement, but I can tell you, the second time that I did this internal pumping up, after a search that involved a lot of abdominal movement, I found the one small spot that has to be pushed and it’s subtle (obviously muscles can only contract, but it feels like a push) . It’s slight enough that before it begins to pump you up, and you are unmistakably feeling the sensation of blood filling your penis, you could miss it, or tell yourself that that is merely the sensation one has when noticing a part of the body. When pushing the only small part that needs to be pushed the feeling can at first be nearly as slight as the feeling you feel right now when I say “sense the muscles in the palm of your hand”


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