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Kegel - the secret revealed

I definitely was not talking about the cremaster, I also wasn’t talking about the thigh muscles. Checking back through my description, I think I see where I might have misled you. So much is going through my head right now, let me try to be straight to the point


In that photo, if you place your finger in the groove formed by your crotch and thigh, with the finger parallel to the ground and pointing towards your anus, your finger will directly be touching the IC muscle. That is what I’m trying to describe

Now I see what you are saying. But I have to disagree here ;) That’s why I hate most of anatomical pictures - because they are in 2D, they should be in 3D. The truth is that IC goes on higher ground than BC. The bc is the one you can touch with your fingers, but it’s impassible to do with the IC, it’s much more internal - about 2 cm higher. It’s a shame that moderators do not allow here to publish the materials are not mine, but I assure you that if You look across the web for “acland’s anatomy atlas: internal organs and reproductive system” or “3d primal systems: anatomy atlas pelvis and perineum” you will see that I’m right here. You may identify the IC only if you have stretched pelvic tendon which goes to the dorsal part of the penis and you are waving your penis - then you see the clamp over the dorsal area where the penis enters the body under the pubic bone.

And I was sure that you mean the cremaster and transverus because it’s what I greatly feel during this exercise of yours, that’s why I said it’s good exercise for anyone. It seems that you wanted to explain something different, but it works somehow anyway. Just the muscles are different.

Here You have the differences seen from the side: penis anatomy.jpg

Originally Posted by Matt356
AceDuece if you want to find a quick way to delay ejaculation, so here it is: when you feel very aroused and near to cum (but no more than 90%) try to “pull back” internal structures of muscles inside your pelvis towards your bottom. It has nothing to do with any contraction of the penis but by that you can greatly delay ejaculation because the tension of the muscles leaves the penis then and it is redirected to your buttocks. As far as they absorb a lot of blood then, your erection will decrease and you can (using this simple trick) have sex for hours then.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “pull back internal structures”. Do you mean just squeeze all the pelvic floor muscles especially around the anus? Essentially just do a strong kegelwhen I am approaching the point of no return (PONR)?

I have found that doing 1 long, strong, kegel, or 8-10 hard squeezes decreases my arousal level. I think people have called this the “Big Draw” or “Internal lock”. I imagine it works by reducing the nerve impulses to the BC muscle and drawing blood away from the penis. I’ve also noticed my glans gets less full which helps decrease sensitivity when I perform.

*edit* On another note, something that I’ve learned is that when the BC contracts, arousal skyrockets, and during orgasm the BC is involuntarily contracting, but I don’t know if I’ve ever heard anyone explain why that is? What is the mechanism in which that BC contraction increases arousal and leads to orgasm?

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Ok, you guys. Try this. Get wood, put a towel on your pecker, press another finger lightly against your anus and lift the towel up and down. Now tell me your anus doesn’t contract? It does.

I think the whole group of muscles is connected, inter-related. Anyone care to say otherwise after trying this?

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Looking at the anatomical diagrams, it would seem to make far more sense that the Bulbospongiosus muscle would contribute to erectile strength…

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Current Stats - 5.7 NBPEL x 6.2 EG

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Then go wiki. But even if you will look at the drawings only remember - the stronger erection - the closer is the penis to the navel. Then you need something what moves it in straight line. Even Westla said about this in few posts. And BC doesn’t have much of muscle fibres lying this way.

I wonder…

You know those electro-shock pads that people use on their abdominal muscles that were advertised a few years ago (did they even work)? Would anything like that be able to help with kegels? Even if only as a learning tool to understand exactly which muscles we are looking to work out.

There is one option, similar to what you have proposed. But at the very beginning: those “tools” you mentioned about require (because of some physiological reasons) all the muscle (it doesn’t sound - I know). BC/ICs are partially hidden inside your body - so those devices won’t work properly.

But as I said there is a way - biofeedback or electrostimulation by professional who is using needle electrodes. It’s alike acupuncture but with electricity ;-)

OK, clearly I am not getting this. I’m looking to do these exercises to help with my weak erections. Are you saying that by tightening the lower part of my abs/top of pubic area that I will be able to train myself to have better erections over time? Any clarification would be great.

You need to cause muscle tension at this point where the penis enters your body. You can do it either by pushing forward this point (from inside your body using your internal muscles) or you can try this: put your palm at your pubis pointing your fingers down, to the floor. Then try to move up your balls towards your fingers and your internal, lower abs muscles (under your palm) towards your balls so they all meet there the point where your penis enters the body. Of course don’t do anything with your palm - it’s just the indicator of the area you have to concentrate on.

My understanding of what Matt356 has said in this thread is

If you tense the IC muscle:
1. Your erect penis would point at a more upward angle.
2. Your dick slightly retracts into the body.
3. You can feel it retract inside you just above the base of the penis.

All these things happen when you do a Kegel anyway but you also squeeze most of the other muscles in this region. If I do a Kegel where I slowly increase the tension I noticed it’s my IC muscle that squeezes first followed by my BC and then my PC. It feels like a muscle in the front of me squeezes, followed by a muscle under my penis, followed by one in my anus.

So I found it easy to locate this muscle by doing a very weak Kegel making sure you don’t feel any contractions in your anus. Then you get a retraction movement in your penis but no other muscles clench.

Now that I felt I had located the muscle I put it to the test whilst edging. Someone had said in the thread that by using the IC muscle it stopped the muscle responsible for making you ejaculate from contracting (BC or PC). So I was edging away and I kept squeezing the IC every second just gently and it took me alot longer to reach the PONR, and after that short rest gap it took me ALOT longer to re-reach PONR (which is normally I normally do in 30 seconds). It’s like the small IC muscle contractions stopped the short intense feelings you normally get through out masturbation (the ones that gradually get more frequent the closer you are to PONR). Don’t get me wrong it still felt nice and my erection was constantly great through out.

Now I have a real ache in my IC muscle. From contracting every second or two for a long time!

NExt time I am going to try this whilst having sex and report back.

Dirtyass: all you have mentioned is exactly what is my all theory about ;-) You are absolutely right and the tension you described is absolutely what everybody should aim for. It’s useful, pleasant and with that you can have 2h of sex-fun without any effort and with 100% pleasure. Enjoy ;-)


great explanation.

Very interesting thread Matt356. I’ve always been fascinated by this, but have found the lack of concrete/definitive physical sensations a bit wary. One concern for me, though, is I have to maintain the fucking erection in order to work out the muscle that helps maintain the fucking erection. But my problem is actually maintaining an erection.

I can feel the slight “twitching” that accompanies tug back when doing a normal kegel when soft(or the “dick waving” variation when hard,) but have a hard time understanding how that will keep me erect. In fact, that seems to be exactly what Matt warned against earlier in thread(penis retracting.) I’ll try the super slow “isolated kegel” to see if I can separate the sensation.

Still learned nothing from this thread.. Don’t know where this muscle is and still don’t know how to avoid ejaculation

Who here has gone from having an ultra sensitive penis to having a penis that lasts as long as they like, and how did you get there?


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