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Kegel - the secret revealed

Hi, it’s been a while
I have mastered kegels, and I got all the good results (sex as long as my erection allows, good erections, etc.) Absolutely no worries about premature ejaculation.
So I just want to put my 2cents here:

- Just concentrate and squeeze the area between your balls and anus.
- Start with ,say 30 repetitions(5 seconds each). Do everyday, just once. Try to increase the number (I’ve gone to 300 reps in about 3 months).About 150 reps should be OK for anything.
- I don’t know what BC,PC ,VIP or IC muscles are. You don’t need to know to get the results.
- Don’t try to “isolate” anything. I sometimes contract my lower abdomen, butt, clench my toes, etc.Sometimes not. Everything is connected.
-Be patient and concentrate well. Keep your mind on the “spot”.
-Performing kegels sitting, while your feet are higher than the ground level, is easier: you can squeeze the area much better that way.
-Finally, I would advise not to ejaculate very frequently, to get the ultimate results (I am interested in Taoist sex, please research for more info, if you like)

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

Hey kaan, cheers for that :) alot of things I’m reading about kegels ‘effecting’ how long you last is drawing into the point that it only effects how long you last when you perform them *during* sex. The reason why they end up kegeling (I noticed I have done this too) is because they are so used to doing it when ‘beating one out’ just cause it feels nice and it stimulated you more..

Do you know anything of reverse kegels? Like their effect? Do you know if it is long term effect if you do them like a kegel routine or is it just a ‘one time’ relax of your muscle?

I have been doing them frequently the past few weeks and I’ve got the involuntary kegeling on my mind pretty much all the time and am putting my mind to packing that habit in. I’ve been doing reverse kegels whenever I go pee, hit one out, sitting at work doing nothing, anytime it comes across my mind really. I’ve noticed that my erection doesn’t seem to be harder than before, but it just feels more ‘free’, like it doesn’t feel like I have a hard erection when I actually do.

I’m just not sure wether this is me ‘trying’ to get used to not kegeling involuntary or whether it’s the effect of my reverse kegels. Got any ideas

Thanks alot

Kaan, it’s good to see you alive.

Who cares what muscles it makes you dick harder, end of story.hahaha

I don’t do kegels during sex. I want to be comfortable and to be “master of the situation “. Also I don’t end sex with ejaculation, it’s just over, typically in about 20 minutes.(that’s about Taoist sex)

I understand “reverse kegel” as intentionally softening the muscles in that area. It may help really, if you feel close to ejaculating. But if you make “the spot” powerful enaugh(by mastering kegels), I doubt you’ll need to do that.(actually not a spot but rather a small area: you must feel the building of power there. It’s likle a valve that securely locks the path of ejaculation)

There’s no reverse kegel routine. :)

You seem to be confused a little about kegels, just concentrate on mastering kegels, and know you’re on the right path.

Matt, thanks man. See you around.

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

I really try not to, it just doesn’t seem my choice to kegel or not, it just happens.. I’m really focusing on not doing it now though, my big ‘goal’. :P

So how long is it before I will be able to hold my ejaculation? Like said in terms of how long to last a kegel for?
And also, just got back from my girlfriends house.. God damn.. Blow job for like 50 seconds. 3rd time now I’m actually concerned I’ve probably got P.E, when I didn’t really have it when I was with my ex (about 8 months ago). It sucked. Do you think kegels would end up sorting out me blowing my load so quickly? It really does suck, it’s like the worst thing, and I used to be able to last ages :/

Thanks alot

Try contracting different internal muscle group to move contraction from kegel to other muscles inside. It’s simple and should work if you need quick help. Try opposite movement to thrusting, like moving everything inside backwards.

Hey matt, what exactly do you mean by ‘different internal muscle groups’?

And also what do you mean by ‘moving everything inside backwards’?

Cheers for helping

In your pelvis there are different groups of muscles. Each one of them moves in different and different direction.

My moving everything inside backwards I mean this:

Stand against a wall with out bottom, head and shoulders straight, touching this wall. Then concentrate on your bottom and try to pull back everything inside towards the wall without tensing your bottom chicks. That will be what I mean.

Good job guys.

I’ve never encountered a PE exercise that more or less requires focused meditation.


But seriously, the basis of this thread seems logical and concerns a topic I’ve pondered.
Good stuff.

Great innovation Matt. Particularly admirable that you showed the perseverance to explain it to us in English. And good show man-of-10 for determining what Matt wanted to relay and helping make things clearer.

I maybe lost here but to concentrate on just isolating the IC Muscle is just trying to stop the flow of urine with just your penis right?Or the same retractions you would use to make your penis move or flex right when having and erection correct?There is also a book on just the VIP muscle but I was told that VIP Muscle was a joke and not to bother with it.But I do remember in that book they say that you must isolate the VIP and it would actualy make you bigger

VIP muscle is made up. To stop the flow of urine you need to flex the BC muscle. This thread is specifically about the IC muscle, which is a related but slightly different kind of kegel. Strengthening your IC will raise your EQ off the charts.

So what is the best way of strengthing your IC?

Put the towel on your penis and lift it up.

I can isolate that muscle flaccid.Will I get the same results just working doing while flaccid or must I be erect to work it out?


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