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Kegel Exercises

Kegel Exercises

I have heard much about Kegel exercises. Is one supposed to do them during intercourse?

No, Kegels are not a sexual technique, but an exercise.
Kegels are used to increase erection strength and stamina.
When I first started doing Kegel exercises = (PC Flex), I noticed
a difference within 4 days.

Be well,


I beg to differ. Squeezing your PC during intercourse can definitely be felt by your partner as when you squeeze, your girth expands and she can feel it. Also when you approach orgasm, squeezing your PC can make you cum faster unless you have a very well develped PC in which case you can squeeze it to control orgasm. But don’t use it as an exercise so much as a way to get her attention as your cock suddenly grows inside her when you contract your PC.

I enjoy doing them mostly in fore-play. In case you don´t, give it a try.

LOL I did that the other day when we were making out. She kindof jumped back and exclaimed, “Oh my! It grew!?!”.

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