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just circumsized, help

just circumsized, help


I was just circumsized a couple of days ago, about a week. Now, Did i get an odd circumsision because my foreskin is attached to the skin below the glans, so I can’t really pull it back. Wtf is this? Im kinda scared about this because i’ve seen some porn flicks and they can pull their foreskin down .. :(

See your doctor.

the only urologist here is the one that did the procedure on me

maybe a regular doctor then

Dont panic just yet, give it a little time to settle and who knows. Your still recovering so give it another week or two and see if there is any difference. I dont think i understand what you mean exactly, are you talking about the string bit thats attached to the underside of the head ?

By the way i have had thoughts of getting cut but im not sure and not too keen on it. Can you tell me how the pain is, i hear its very painful, is it true. Also how long has the pain lasted.


Just to clarify, is the skin attached to the glans itself or the skin just below the glans?

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jelqking, It really doesn’t hurt at all for me, But if you have a sensitive glans then it might feel a bitt odd a few months, and you get a “compressor” thing you wrap around your dick and it’s all good. Maybe it’ll take 2-4 weeks to get to normal. But I do not feel any critical pain, it’s just the way it looks atm :)

soon2b9, It is attached to the skin BELOW the glans, Is this the way it should be?

thanks for the help guys, very much appreciated! :)

Here is a site covering different circumcision styles (courtesy of Westla), including some photos. Maybe it will give you a frame of reference.

mumble, I may have to go circumsize again, frikin doctor can’t even slice evenly on both sides of the glans, and this was already my SECOND time, not going back there, but the problem is there aren’t many doctors around here, need to find a private one so that i don’t have to wait 6 months to get there.

This really sucks ass, feeling really frustrated.

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