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Just been to the docs.

Just been to the docs.

Can this be moved to the health section. I think this may be useful for other people and also for questions from my self.

Right I found this bumps on the shaft of my penis about 6 - 8 weeks ago. I thought nothing off it for the first 2 weeks so left it. I keep myself clean every day. Then I tried and asked around on here and people thought it was probably invert hairs. So I stayed away and kept clean for few weeks but nothing got better.

I decided to build up the confidence and go to the doctors (I don’t know for other males, but being the first time going to the docs and talking about my penis, just seemed weird)

Well I went today and turns out I have penile warts (genital warts) I was shocked, felt as if the world had crashed onto me. As I have not had sex in over a year.

I have recently started seeing a girl, last few months. Though nothing has happend sexually between us, I’m crazy about her. The doctor told me I should go to a sex clinic. I have luckily got an appointment to go Monday. I’m grateful they got me in so quick and am going to take it from there.

I’m all booked in and what so ever and will give an update Monday. I was just wondering if anyone can give me any advice on what will happen and treatments. It is curable the doctor said to me. I have now told the girl and at first shocked but trusts me.

I’m just worried about what this will do for the rest of me life, stupid as it sounds I don’t want to infect anyone else. I mean I do plan on having a family and everything but don’t feel it’s right to give it to partner. This all sounds stupid I don’t know. I’m just trying to be real.

Can anyone give any advice, I will say ever in doubt go and see a doctor, the quicker the better.

Dude that sucks. Although I think warts are treatable, but not curable. As far as I know when they appear you have to go to a clinic and get them frozen off. Warts and herpes are more common than you think though. I was with a girl for 2 years that had warts another that had herpes for 3 years and never caught either of them. There are proper measures you can take to prevent spreading them. Just make sure your partner knows.

Good luck

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Yeah mate she has helped me as well, by keeping me calm. I just don’t want her to have them and get rid of it. Whether it’s keeping it dormant or going completely. I just don’t want to pass it onto anyone else. Ill be here now to advice people, as I go through my treatment, what ever that may be.

Thanks for your comments mate, they are appreciated!

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