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Just a quick erection/kegel question

Just a quick erection/kegel question

Hi guys,

I’m just wondering about my ED and trying to narrow down the possible type I have and just noticed something…

When I get ‘erect’ (about 80%) and I do a kegel, my glans swell slightly and my dick gets harder, as is normal, however, even if i hold the kegel, the extra hardness subsides after a few seconds, after which my dick is noticabley softer than before, maybe 60% instead of 80%.

So I just wondered… is this normal? Or am I supposed to be able to hold my erection firmness indefinitely with the kegel?


Ok here’s some more info:

I’m no stranger to stress and depression, I think I might be a bit bi-polar or something because I have week long episodes of really low moods but with really high emotional points mixed in.

I didn’t get laid for 7 years, from 18-25, i’ve had ED on my own and with girls ever since (3 years) … i’m 28 now.

At some point after 25 and struggling to keep it up with girls I realised I couldn’t keep it up solid on my own either, I think I had become accustomed to masturbating with less than full strength erection quality over the years and there is really no solid memory of me losing the ability to keep an erection, it just kind of phased into my reality without me noticing! I’m really not sure when it started.

I do remember trying PE though, around age 23 or 24 and struggling to keep the bugger soft enough to safeily jelq in the shower, so I thought that my ED was due to PE, or the abuse of it.

So it was sometime after I started PE that my ED kicked in.

I’m not sure if it was the abuse of PE that did it, because the people with PE relate ED really did some intense stuff to their cocks whereas all I ever did was maybe jelq at a little high strength and maybe over the dorsal nerve.

I did get a thrombosis in the veins on the top of my cock, there was a blood puddle in there which faded out. Now the veins are now raised due to increased pressure and there are a few dotted areas at the branches of the veins. I think I created some scar tissue and blockage.

These are veins going away from the penis though, or at least the visible ones are. So if anything they would slow down the release of blood from the penis and improve erection quality?

Anyway I hardly get morning wood.

If something turns me on and I feel myself grow, i’m never like.. ‘Boing!’ hard when I check, nowhere near, more like 50%

I just can’t seem to keep a decent erection no matter the situation - on my own or with a girl. If I do acheive a solid erection, it won’t last more than about 10 seconds before losing pressure.

Viagra does work for me, so i’m assuming it can’t be veinous leakage?

Girls say I never seem to get fully hard, but when I used Viagra the other week the girl said I was fully hard.

I have extreme difficulty coming… I mean I can go for hours, I feel the sensation build then when it peaks, it just drops again and i’ve another 20 mins to get back up again before it drops! it’s easier if a girl uses her hand. Usually a girl will tell me to stop because she’s had enough or i’ll lose it. More often than not I will lose it.

I’ve only kept it up properly a few times from about 20 sessions, i’m probably keeping it up to a decent level of hardness 1 or 2 times in 10 and 1 of those was from using viagra.

I have a blood test result on its way.

I have been kegeling for a few weeks but not really seeing a difference as yet.

I’m not sure what else I can say, but it’s pretty depressing not knowing what to do about it.

I think you need a professional here. I would see a Urologist and have him check you out to see whats going on, and if its a physical thing or psychological. This is not a simple thing that we could or really should tackle here.

After you get a pro to give a diagnosis, then you can come back here if you want some advice on PE. Other than that, we would just be guessing, and I don’t think thats going to do you much good.

You seem to have a bunch of issues here, and a professional will help you sort through them.

Yeah I think your right Sparkyx, the Doc. said he was reluctant to send me to a Urologist because in his opinion theres a 99.9% chance its in my head.

And he thinks a urologist won’t be able to discover much because there tests are aimed at people with really bad circulation. He reckons most ED is due to problems getting the blood into the penis in the first place, not getting an erection then losing it afterwards.

I never told him about PE though, maybe I should.

He said he would go through the motions, i.e. blood test, urine sample test, physical examination, then consider sending me to a urologist.

I dunno, i’m from the UK so maybe we aren’t as advanced here as in the US when it comes to the Urology tests because the Doctor really seemed reluctant to send me because he thought they wouldnt really help my cause much!

I’ll see what happens and post back here anyhow.


I have another Q…

When I masturbate, lets say i’m like 65%, well just as I want to come then I get a lot harder, then I can lay off and it stays for a little bit.

Is this normal?

Would this happen to me if I had organic ED or do people with vascular problems not experience this?

I would see the urologist.

Another thing to consider and eliminate is low testosterone/testicular failure … besides weak erections, lack of morning wood, etc, some of the symptoms include depression, moodyness, loss of mental clarity/focus and so on.

Here is a link to the standard pre-screening test for that, called the ADAM. Note I am not recommending this website, it is just the first one that came up from my Google that had an online version. The ADAM test is a standard pre-diagnostic tool used by physicians. Worth taking and seeing what your results are:

If you score high it does not mean you have low testosterone. But it means you should have a doc test you.

I did the test and the results were positive that I should see a Doctor but i’m doing that already and have an appt. on wed. Nice gains btw.

So with regards to stress/depression and loss of erection quality…

Are these things a very powerful erection killer over the long term or just sporadic in effect?

I think I have some form of depression, and just recently realised that my sex drive isn’t massively high, like I don’t get an excited horny feeling very often, even though I still want sex and find women really attractive, I don’t burn with desire for sex particularly, I think in fact that my subconscious surpresses it in some way because I find myself in situations where I could have sex but I avoid it, even though I want to have it, but surely if I was massively horny then I wouldn’t be able to help myself!

Maybe i’m not getting turned on enough in most situations to warrant a full decent erection.

The thing is, lets say I acheive an erection, that surely means I got sufficiently aroused to gain a decent erection. Meaning I was horny for sex. So then lets say my subconscious tries to surpress my sex drive (for whatever reason) by cutting off the horny/lust feeling and replacing it with a slight anxiety or doubt…

In a normal man, would it not be the case that once an erection is acheived, and the veins (arteries?) have been stifled enough to stop the blood flowing back out of the penis, that my erection would endure for a few minutes, even if my brain was no longer sending those ‘horny’ messages to my dick?

Because mine goes down again very quickly, it’s like theres nothing bringing it back up again except a really good dose of horniness, which isn’t something that I can easily generate, especially when i’m watching it shrink in front of my eyes. And even if I was with a girl and she kissed my neck or something that turns me on, again, I would lose it without that constant influx of sensation. Like even the time it would take to change position could end in my dick going semi-hard because of the 10 second gap in the flow of sexual stimulation.

Anyone had experiences with this?

Just reiterating, I think you should try to rule out medical issues first.

What you just described could be the result of a hormonal imbalance. Lack of libido, fleeting erections, feelings of depression.

It may be psychological, but it could also be improperly functioning testicles, or perhaps something wrong with your thyroid or pituitary gland.

These things are easy for your doctor to check with a blood test. You should request this.

Best of luck.

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