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Just a prostate check reminder

Just a prostate check reminder

For you guys who have reached a “certain age” and also if you are still quite young: When you have your annual physical or your bi-annual one, if the doc doesn’t do a digital of your prostate, ask that that be done. I know, it’s a pain in the butt - but a brief one. The doctor will be able to detect relative enlargement (which is not necessarily a sign of prostate cancer) and differences in the various prostatic lobes.

I read a very interesting study the other day which I’ll link you to in the near future. Autopsies were done on a number of men in their 20s who died accidently of various causes. Fully 8 percent of them were found to have evidence of prostate cancer.

Currently we have only two blood tests for monitoring prostate cancer. They focus on PSA (prostate specific antigen). They are similar, it’s just that one goes a step farther than the other does. The simple one is where to start. Even if you are in your twenties, ask for a PSA read. Most likely you will come out with a great score. This base value can be used during your future to track how your PSA changes or does not change.

Tip: Before a PSA blood draw, act like a monk for a couple days. Don’t jerk off, don’t have sex; don’t even play with yourself or do PE. You’ll get a lower PSA value because prostate stimulation brings PSA up some and ejaculation will definitely elevate it more. This elevation is a natural event and not to be feared; but you want to determine your best base number.

I am pleased to tell you that I had my annual PSA recently and I’m down 0.3 from last year and at a level that is very low for my age group (66). Ironically, some doctors don’t let you get excited for very long about good news. Mine said, “Well, keep in mind something else will get you.”

Because I have three friends with prostate cancer, PCa is something that is often on my mind. One of them was asked if he wanted the PSA done some years ago and declined. He now has several cancer metasticies from the original one in his prostate. These could have been prevented.

Don’t let the Big “C” word scare you. Be proactive and nip it in the bud.



Originally Posted by avocet8

Mine said, “Well, keep in mind something else will get you.”


Avocet8, thanks for the reminder. We all need to do this. I’m due for on in the next couple of months, I usually have it done around my birthday.

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Great post, Avocet :up:

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