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Jelly strings and shooting


Ya know, I used to have the same thing and ever since i started drinking coffee it seems my sperm has gotten allot thicker. Would caffeine have any affect on this?

Hmmm.. There is a lack of medical research on phenomenon related to the taste, consistency, and amount of semen. I have always had what I considered “shooter” loads, ejaculating a few feet with some force. I noticed an increase in volume when drinking lots of water. Both my girlfriend and I consider my semen somewhat sweet - probably from the pineapple, oranges, and apples I eat regularly. Like previous posters, celery probably can help as well.

Gprent, I’m looking at that RopeX formula - it seems to break down into decent amino acids and whatnot but I can’t find any actual ingredients (ie on the label). It could be a decent supp, but I don’t like that “strengthens the Vas Deferens muscle” quip - that doesn’t sound right at all.

1) This is not about flavor.

2) This is not about ropes.


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