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It is so so true that Im seeing it now

It is so so true that Im seeing it now

Hello there brother of PE.

most of you already know the consequences of having excess of body weight and fat and all of that will or can make you less sexual productive in the manner that you can have the problem of getting less harder erections or that they do not last enough for the sex or masturbation.

I’m currently 5’8 tall I’m 18 years old so I do not think I will grow more :( but the problem is that for what I have seen and I also went to the doctor my ideal weight is around 140 something to almost 160 pounds more or less. The problem is that I weight 230 more or less. And I am starting to feel bad about myself AND I’m feeling the consequences of it because I am getting less erections and less harder sometimes. I am really convinced that it is all because of my body weight.

So brothers that are having the same situation as my of similar. Make yourself go to the gym or any type of exercise do anything but nothing. It can make your life very miserable I am seeing it now and I hate I do not like it one bit. Sometimes I think that maybe I have a bigger dick that I am used to know and that is because of my sexual deterioration.

I’m starting to lose weight and you? what will you do brother?

If you just cut out starches (rice, potatoes, breads, pastry, grains, chips etc) and sugars, and just eat quality proteins, veggies, seeds, nuts and some fruit, the fat will FALL off and you can reverse many modern diseases.

Any of these are great to follow, The Paleo diet, The Rosedale diet, Young for life, Plenty of fats, moderate protein, unlimited low glycemic veggies. Thats the ticket for leaness and health.

Thanks brother sparkyx. those foods are the ones that I have been cutting off my system of eating. I am starting to eat more veggies and nuts. Im going for it.

Dia 1/Day 1- 15 mayo/May 2013- 15 cm X 13 cm. Ahora/Now- 16cm X 13.7cm.

The Size Myth In The Porn Industry

Best of luck Tenbris. Self-improvement is very satisfying.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Thanks firegoat. Yes I think that a self-improvement will make me feel a lot better about myself and gain confidence and a bigger penis when PE gives me the results :)

Dia 1/Day 1- 15 mayo/May 2013- 15 cm X 13 cm. Ahora/Now- 16cm X 13.7cm.

The Size Myth In The Porn Industry

Sparkyx is right on the money. All those junk carbs we so easily can get addicted to (yes I said addicted) are what cause us to steadily pack on the weight. Once addicted weight loss can be incredibly tough to do along with the cravings for those foods. Yeah, cut out the crap carbs, preferably for life as they will NEVER do you any good anyway, and then stay active. At least walk every day, at the bare minimum, because being physically stronger and regularly active is what is needed to keep your metabolism up and the weight off.

Right now I’m battling back from Thanksgiving day 2012. How? Well I had totally dropped ALL of those bad carbs and refined sugars starting in early 2012 and managed to ditch the carb addiction and walk my way to losing more than 30 lbs and 4” at the waistline AND gain almost an inch below it. Then Thanksgiving Day I made myself have a piece of pumpkin pie trying to pass myself off as someone who could eat like a “normal” person eating junk now and again in “moderation”. Well that was a 20+ lbs mistake I made because that one piece of pie didn’t affect my weight so I assumed I COULD do the carbs and manage it. Well much of the weight I lost steadily came back because I lost my resolve along with the staying-active habit I had developed mainly due to the drag the carbs put on my energy level. I’ve been extremely disgusted with myself ever since and have been fighting to get back that groove I had gotten that took me to a healthier, happier state.

Good luck bro, and beware the pitfalls. As 9-11 displayed, something that can take a long time and a lot of hard work to build can be easily destroyed in and instant. Then rebuilding is a very heavy lift indeed as I’m learning here in 2013.


Start: April 2012 BPEL 5¼" x EG 4¾"----> July 2012 BPEL 5¾" x EG 4⅞"

First goal: 6"x5"

Long Term Goal: 8"x5¾"

Thanks brother it has really help realize all those thing with your comment. I will cut off those carbs and any shit that I eat. I will make myself anew and no one will stop me. And a new dick too.

Dia 1/Day 1- 15 mayo/May 2013- 15 cm X 13 cm. Ahora/Now- 16cm X 13.7cm.

The Size Myth In The Porn Industry

There’s no better diet than exercise. The resulting muscle will burn off those calories faster than anything else. Just losing weight isn’t the answer, you need to be physically fit as well. I’m at your height 5’8” and was out of shape. I was only 170 and looked pretty good, but I’d be weezing after 20 minutes of sex. After getting back into shape I’m up to 190 now, but fitting clothes better than when I was at 170. I’m mostly muscle with very little fat and I’ve never dieted a day in my life. 90 minutes of intense sex doesn’t faze me now. If you’re working out good enough, you’ll want those carbs and protein for recovery (just make sure it’s the right carbs). Diets can do more damage than good when done long term, especially if you’re just cutting carbs. It’s less work, cheaper and easier to work out then it is to do these fad diets. Ripping apart your muscles will burn fat all day for you.

BTW, being 5’8” and under 160 isn’t attractive to most women. That’s having low fat and NO muscle. My wife doesn’t like it when I’m anywhere under 170-175, says I’m way too skinny. Muscle is a whole lot easier to build than a bigger dick. Do both in combination and you’ll feel a whole lot better about yourself. Plus, you can still enjoy some great food and drinks in moderation without going crazy.

Thanks man. Your right in all of that. That what my friends here where I am tell me. I want the muscle too. Im currently beginning to go to the university’s gym with a friend. I have all semester to lose something of weight and gain in PE too.

Dia 1/Day 1- 15 mayo/May 2013- 15 cm X 13 cm. Ahora/Now- 16cm X 13.7cm.

The Size Myth In The Porn Industry

The diet you choose will make no difference in the long run. BTW, paleo diet is nothing but bullshit. What you have to do is to change your whole life-style, keep your mind and body always busy. Tennis, soccer, cycling, are all good choices for losing weight. Also you should do a light weight training session a couple of times per week, to avoid to lose muscle instead than fat while reducing the amount of food you eat.

As for diet, you shouldn’t cut completely carbs, you need a minimum of them to digest proteins and to make your body work at the best. A lot of people who I know who jumped on no carbs diet developed renal and gastrointesinal problems. In the end, the sad truth is that no matter what you eat, you have to eat way less than you’d like.

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