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Is this the beginning of a new friendship with kegals?

Is this the beginning of a new friendship with kegals?

I’ve been doing some serious kegals the past two weeks, and right when I have an orgasm during sex, it’s as if the world stops turning for a few seconds. What I mean is, there is a huge buildup of energy, then a 3-4 second pause, then it comes full force. I’ve never felt this before, and I was wondering if this is the beginning stage of controlled ejaculation?

It can be. Tinker with the technique now and you’ll get more out of nearly every orgasm.

Fun, huh?



Hell yeah it’s fun! I feel like I could put out a small campfire, 20 feet away…

Hm.. How do do kegels? It’s just when you squeeze your butt really tightly for a few seconds right?

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