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Is this normal

Is this normal

I’m seeing a Urologist about a small ED problem, but I’m thinking there is something wrong with my actual penis. Even though it is pretty skinny (around 4.5 in), it is skinniest towards the base (a little bigger than 4 in). Not directly at the base but a couple centimeters higher. This gives me an hour glass kind of shape (barely visible though). But that isn’t the problem. Even when I am rock hard, it is easy to bend my penis (right where it is skinnier) towards my stomach about 45 degrees without any pain. If my penis was completely healthy would this be possible. I am wondering if there is blood being restricted here. Because of this skinny area I cannot have a girl on top during sex, and I lose my hard-ons when lying down on my back. I am currently working on my girth to strengthen this with jelqs and a pump.

Any ideas out there? Any questions I should ask my urologist next week? Thanks for the help.

I would talk to him about your concerns, if you haven’t already.

A resricted blood flow could cause your problems with ED, which will also decrease the overall health of your penis. Also, if you haven’t done so already, I would get a complete blood workup, including cholestrol. If you have an increase in that, and you are getting plaque in your arteries, that will also casue problems. Are your hands and feet cold normally?

I’m not sure how to address the shape of your penis, the other guys here can help with that. I do know that by being here at Thunders you are on the right track. You don’t say whether or not you are using supplements that could help to increase the blood flow (and I don’t mean viagra).

Anyway, back on tract. I would ask him about the weaker erections and that you lose it when supine (laying on ones back). I would also ask him about how you can bend it erect.

Good luck, and keep us posted.

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