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Is This Flirting?

Is This Flirting?

I’d like some opinions, from guys and gals, on this one.

Anyone ever hear of “Puppetry Of The Penis”? These two dudes stretch and twist their dicks and balls to make different “things”. One of their trademark moves is called a “hamburger”. The completed move makes your dick and balls look like a burger.

Anyway… there’s a bar that my girlfriend frequents and the bartender guy there was the one who told her about this “hamburger” stuff and that he can do it and what not. So I’m talkin’ to my girl last night and she tells me that she saw a stuffed animal hamburger in a 99 cent store, so she bought it and she and her girlfriend presented it to him at the bar.
How cute, right? Well in my book, that’s a fucking flirt.

By doing that, it shows me that not only was she thinking about some other dude, she was also thinking about his dick.

In closing, I’d like to say that there’s nothing wrong with flirting. It’s natural. But why tell me about what people you’re flirting with? There’s no reason to mention it. I guess after two years together, my girl still doesn’t know me. Maybe I’m too jealous, but it’s hard not to be when this bitch is flipping my mad-switch all the time.

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Agreed, If she’s telling you about it, she wants you jealous.

If she just wanted his dick, she wouldn’t say a word to you.

Its a matter of trust Prickle. If you trust your lady, her flirting is harmless. If you don’t, her flirting is still harmless.

I am one of the biggest flirts in the world, and my guy knows about it. He trust me, therefore there isn’t a problem. The point is, she is still with you, that speaks volumes in itself. If she was interested in going other places, she wouldn’t tell you about it. Keep that in mind. Now, I’ve been around the block more than once, and I have learned this much, if you love the person you are with you have to trust them to be honest and faithful. If they aren’t then it is you that has to decided what you are going to do about it.

You need to figure out what is important to you, I still window shop so to speak, I point out good looking gals to my guy. I know that he is going to be true to me, so I don’t have a problem in his window shopping either. Like I said in the beginning of this, it is a matter of trust. You either do, or you don’t.

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Bartenders are some of the biggest players around. They talk with every girl at the bar, in fact it’s their job to flirt with these girls to get them to buy drinks and come back next time. Because they do it all day they’re good at it.

If the girl really flirts back, the bartender will try to get her number if she hasn’t already offered it, bartenders are men too. In your case she’s flirting back, she’s responding to his dicktrick. She informed you to tease you, she likes the bartender and is not planning on getting laid by him, but believe me bartenders are skilled players. If you do nothing about it there’s a good chance she will get laid before she realizes she is in a relationship with you.

If I were you I’d check her phone for any new inputs and/or show some dicktricks of your own and accompany her next time she goes to the bar.

BTW making a hamburger out of your dick and balls is a lame trick anyone can do that. Wow can’t believe a girl would fall for such a pickup line. Show her how much you can hang now that will impress her!

Dude fuck that, go fuck her best friend!!!!!!

Nothing gets my dander up like a post like this… I would suggest that you come up with a good story of how this girl actually demonstrated how she could suck something through a hose so as a JOKE you gave her a garden hose as a gift! Fuck, I hate to say it but it’s been my very nagative experience that girls are just as much whores as men can be… I would keep an open mind and remember that she just may be flirting and means nothing by it but on the same hand she may be out to get her cunt busted up…. This is what happened to me dude and let me tell you it can tank your head like nothing you’ve ever experienced… Keep it safe, BE KIND to her and remember UNTIL she fucks another guy this is your problem… Good luck friend…

I don’t need any company where I’m currently at…

Sunny, I beg to differ. I am the biggest flirt in the world. :p At times I do it without even recognizing it as flirting until someone brings it to my attention. It is in my blood I suppose. It is partof who I am. Open and friendly nature.

With that said, I think the bartender was the one flirting. He must be interested or felt comfortable enough around them to feel they won’t be offended if he talks about his dick.

I have seen a segment on Real Sex where they showed a couple of guys that actually travel around with their two man show where they do all kinds of “tricks” with their dicks. It is very impressive. The bartender mentioning had to be in the means to impressive the ladies.

Now, them going out and buying a burger to give to him is another thing. It could be totally innocent. Again, they could have gotten use to each other and have an innocent relationship. Or it could be that it was innocent but the thought will still be in mind and flirting with tipsy women who know you can do tricks with your dick can be bad especially if the women are made with their partner.

If she mentions the incident to you, I can’t help but think it is innocent. I have gotten into this warped stage with my husband where he tells me all sorts of things I rather not hear, but I am thankful that he tells me. It is called trust. It is also called being a friend as well as a lover to someone you love. You can go to one of your best buddies and say I saw this girl today and she was so hot and she was flirting with me and it would be okay. But you wouldn’t dare to say that to your girlfriend. But if you feel you have enough love and trust in your relationship you may get to the stage where you can share and maybe discuss these thoughts without getting jealous. Apparently she trust you and maybe you don’t trust her.

That’s my opinion anyway.

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So…. you all agree that it was flirting, then?

JeaLOUSY sucks. I know it’s MY problem. I have yet to overcome it. I fought about it with my girl, yet I know it’s pointless ‘cause nothing’s gonna change anyway, and the more I bitch, the more it’ll make her wanna go fuck some other dude, so I can’t win. But I’m sick of keeping my mouth shut when something bothers me. I can’t keep it bottled up, ya know?

She says it was a joke and that she doesn’t want anything to do with this guy, but I wish she would be more thoughtful knowing how sensitive I am. I wouldn’t do that to her (although she prolly wouldn’t care). I think it’s about having consideration. The bitch don’t listen to me.

But ayway, before I work myself into a lather over nothing, I just want to say thanks for your insights. I’ll work this out. It’s just funny, ‘cause I’ve been at the point of not even wanting to try anymore for a while now. Nothing will change. She will still talk to her exes, she will still push my buttons, and I’m the kind of person that either cares a lot, or cares not at all…there is no middle ground with me. I’m sick of fighting with her and I might as well end it altogether.

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Good luck with your things prickle, you should make a list of things that you really like about her and she should do the same thing about you… I know that most of the damage in a relationship is done when the love is one sided and it’s always the person who loves that ends up paying the heavy price… I will pray for you and hope all works out…

Taz gave you some very good advice and I would heed it… You seem like a very cool guy and I think she is lucky to have you… Keep your head about you and best wishes…


Well sure, trust and all that etc.

But i think it all depends on what kind of relationship they have.

I mean if he did this kind of thing for a strange women, how would her reaction be?

If she was fine, then it’s obvious thats the ‘honest’ kind of relationship that’s she thought it was

But if she acted other then fine, then i think it mirrors how she expected you to feel, and if she acts jealous..when then she’s playing games.

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Exactly. If the shoe were on the other foot, it wouldn’t be very cool, would it. Like if I gave a chick a plush taco cause her pussy resembled one.

I dunno. I’m kinda over it by now. It’s just annoying. I don’t want to hear another guy’s name cross her lips unless it’s to say how much better I am than him. I don’t think I’m asking for a lot because I’d do it for her.

We’ve broken up so many times that I don’t even want to try anymore. It’s like beating a dead horse.

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Prickle, have you told her how much this stuff bothers you? If not I would try it. If so and she continues to do these things I would leave her and find someone who respects you. There is no sense in being in a relationship that makes you feel shitty.


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I do mention it. She insists I’m blowing things out of proportion. Maybe I am, but I can’t be the only one here who’s fucked up, right? And you’re right, I don’t think she respects me. She swears she loves me, yeah, when I do want she wants me to do.

This issue is pretty much resolved between us by now, but it’s only a matter of time before something else comes up to make me hate her again.

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