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Is there something wrong with me?

Is there something wrong with me?

Why can’t I maintain a 100% erection without stimulating? Is that normal, it fucking can’t be right? I mean surely you can leave your cock without any stimulation and it will stay pulsating hard - I remember when I was a little younger, fuck that, maybe a month ago, that that was the case.

It’s really starting to fuck with my head now, because I’ve had so many chances to lose my virginity but whenever it comes to it I start really stressing about keeping hard and I just can’t get it fucking in and then it goes soft and I’m like… FUCK!!!! I even went out today to some pharmacys to try and buy viagra just to lose my virginity with some semblence of confidence but I need a fucking prescription in England, fucking NHS bastards! I’m tempted to see my GP about it, and I’m 18, healthy as fuck, great blood pressure why me man, WHY ME??

No seriously, I mean what’s wrong with me? Could it be weed? I’m 18 I should be able to have rock hard erections all the time… and usually I do. It’s just when I know I’m extremely likely to get a fuck, that it seems to like… be dead. For example I know I’m going to get a fuck later, so I do some jelqing and stretching you know, because usually that helps to make it harder as we all know here but my cock just doesn’t even seem to respond. I’m jelqing a fucking 4 incher. It’s like… man, what happened. When I want it to work, it just doesn’t work??!!?!?

I’m not sure if PE has messed with my system or what, because before I rememeber I used to jelq and it would be hard every few strokes. I used to have trouble keeping it soft enough!! Now it’s hard to maintain a 40% erection!

Could it be edging? The only times it’s rock 100% hard is when I’m having a continous orgasm…

And also, how come when I get a blow-job it doesn’t feel that good, it feels like hardly anything to be precise?? No one has ever managed to get me off, I’m the only person who can get myself off…

I’ve started kegeling again today after searching the forums and finding similar topics, and I want to not get myself off for a couple of weeks as I’m sure that will help. I’ll cut down on fags and coffee and spliff, but man… you seriously want those things to forget the amount of times you could have fucked some really nice ass but you didn’t cause you can’t keep it hard. I’m lucky my girlfriend is in love otherwise I’d seriously be madly depressed.

Any friendly pat on the back kind of advice would do here, because I can see this being a major problem. I’m seriously considering becoming religious again, just to ask God for help with this. Seriously.


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Holy shit dude, settle down. You’d make coffee nervous. I’m definitely not a PE expert but I do know a thing or two about getting too far into your own head. Once you start to worry that it won’t work, well, it won’t work. You are suffering from a self full-filling prophecy. I’d say that if the wanker works some of the time it’ll probably work all of the time (at least at 18), but you need to get you’re brain out of it. When you get with your lady just forget everything you’ve read or heard and just feel, focus on what you feel. And you might want to just not touch your cock for a couple of days, just leave it alone. You are 18, it’ll get plenty hard without you having a pre-sex jelq session, leave those worries to us old guys and stop worrying whether its gonna be hard enough to break a board and it’ll probably get hard enough to break your cherry.

Thanks man. :)

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Hey man,

I know exactly what you’re going through. The same thing happened to me when I was about to lose my virginity. I wanted to come off as some sex god so I did a lot of foreplay the whole time having a rockhard erect. Then it came to the sex and with taking out the condom and that awkward pause, I lost my erection.

I wasn’t very in tune with my erections then because most of the time it was just me masturbating as quick and as many times as possible. I figured out later that I had tired myself out with having an erection for so long and the long day etc. But after that it became a mental thing. A person’s imagination can be a very powerful and damaging thing giving unneeded and unwarranted anxiety.

It happened to me a couple times after that, but then I finally found someone I was comfortable with and everything was great.

Don’t beat yourself up so much and relax. Really, just relax. Having your first time with someone that loves you is probably the best scenario out there. Once you get your first time out of the way, you’ll be good as gold most of the time.

Hope this helps…laters.


Dude, RELAX!

How much coffee are you drinking? ;)

There is no physical problem, since you said a month ago things were fine. Lay off any PE that day before sex though, it’s a lot of work on your unit and that can fuck things up. Don’t worry about being a sexual god your first time. You said your GF really loves you and understood the problem before. Remember your cock isn’t your only tool to please her, you have your tongue too. Just remember to relax, your GF loves you, and just enjoy the intimate time together. It will happen naturally.

Thanks a lot guys I feel so much better.

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Hi Beasty One, I am just checking in to the forums quickly and don’t have time to read you longish post right now. I will take a look whilst on line later.

As to your question, “Is there something wrong with me?”, I would say yes. Since you joined in 05 I have felt that something was horribly wrong with you. I have never been quite sure what it might be; obsession with Eric Estrada, bestiality, collection the unwashed under-ware of fat women; many things came to mind.

Have you considered adding a poll to this thread so that we could all vote on what is wrong with you?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Hey man, chill back you have nothing to worry about. The same exact thing happened to me when I lost the V. I was so nervous I couldn’t get it up. Luckily I waited to have sex with someone that cared a lot about me, so the next day we gave it another try and I banged the shit out of her. Even today, I can’t get myself up to a legitimate 100% unless I am with a hot chick. When I PE or masterbate, the best it gets is like 90%—this is on account of desensitization. Anyway bro, relax, and try not to think about it. It helps a lot if you just admit you are a virgin. I’m willing to bet the chick you bang will get off on this.


Maybe you should be smoking more spliffs, weed causes erections as a side effect in some people.

Yes. you’re wrong in that you doubt you are.

ATM... BPEL: 0.0mm EG: 0.0mm

Lost Penis!!! :helpme:

Weed is from a female plant and can also kill erections! I think trying to lose your V for the sake of it is putting a lot of pressure on you, try to find your self a girl that you like and then take things slowly. - This worked for me and I have (real)Erection problems -

Eating well, not smoking, cut down on alcohol and exercise should help. Also I would lay off masturbation and PE for a while and see how you get along. Give this about 4 - 6 months and then evaluate your self.

If after a while you think you have a medical issue go see a Gp and best get your self checked out for any number of illnesses eg, diabetes, low testosterone etc.

Good luck and try and stay calm.

You nedd a little gensing to perk that boner right b ac k up there.


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