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Is there any way to reduce the time of the refractory period?


Originally Posted by Dino9X7
I stopped taking it when I read about possible heart valve problems which scared me because while taking it was the first time I ever had high blood pressure. It was fun when taken with Viagra but be careful

Can You Guys believe this Drug?!?

That is a massive thread. I’d love to see some of the original posters return to the thread and give some more updates so we don’t have a new round of lemmings making a bad jump.


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It might go without saying, but if you don’t ejaculate there is no refractory period.


From a purely natural standpoint, I have found that long-term arousal and foreplay will help maintain ablility to continue activity after orgasm. If you spend a lot of time getting it hard and keeping it hard before actual intercourse, you have a greater chance of keeping it up for a longer period.

It also helps to continue to remain mentally aroused. You don’t have to stop love-making just because you are a little soft.

I wonder if anyone has tried to compare the effects of Vitex vs. cabergoline on post-orgasm prolactin release (= refractory period).

All that it takes to suppress prolactin is any dopamine agonist. I do not know much about chemistry - but I wonder what the safest dopamine agonists have been shown to be?

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^^^ Some more research has L-Dopa high on the list as a supplement for reducing prolactin release and increasing dopamine levels.

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