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Is there a solution for me?

Is there a solution for me?

Guys, before I begin, I need to ask you one thing. Please don’t advise me to go see a doctor. Urologists in my country are clueless when it comes to anything that is even mildly out of the ordinary. If your case is one of the typical they get every day, they will help. If not, they will only suggest to stick their damn tubes in your urethra to check whether you have an STD, and if you are free of those bacteria they will offer some generic antibiotic and hope that your symptoms would disappear by themselves or that you will give up and stop bothering them. Trust me, I have seen four top urologists in the past few years, and they are all clueless. So I ask you once again, don’t suggest that I should go and see a doctor.

I am 29 years old. I have never tested my testosterone levels and I have never heard that anyone did it in this land, so don’t suggest that either. However, I believe that my testosterone is below average. I have never been physically strong or fit in my life (although I am not overweight either), and my sex drive is below average. I have weak nocturnal erections, and only rarely experience a morning wood (and it’s never a very strong erection).
At the same time, I suffer from premature ejaculation. From what I’ve read so far, I see that the solutions for my problems are in conflict. I have edged for some two years, and in that time I slightly improved my ejaculation control, I have also tried acupuncture, but to no effect. Now I am considering paxil, yet I first have to find a doctor who would be willing to prescribe it (and I have a hunch that this won’t be an easy task). However, paxil decreases sex drive, and I already have a problem with that. On the other hand, if I try to take DHEA, or some of the other stuff that increases testosterone, that will make my premature ejaculation problem even worse (at least so I’ve read, both here and in other sites).
Is there a solution for me???

Oh, and one more thing. I thought that penis enlargement exercises were benefitial for erection quality. Have you guys with weak erections experience improvement with PE?

Since you don’t trust doctors, I’m not going to suggest you shop better to find a good one, although if your mind were open to that, I would.

You do need to rethink this. I’m sure that where you live testosterone/hormone levels are tested very frequently when symptoms indicate, but since you don’t believe that is possible, I won’t suggest that either.

The SSRI drugs are often prescribed for premature ejaculation but in much lower doses than doctors would prescribe for depression, therefore you don’t need to be concerned about libido turning off, using a lower dose for that purely sexual reason. But you don’t want to explore that, believing that a good outcome is impossible.

On the other hand, not making any kind of suggestion here because you don’t want that: Having no idea at all what your hormonal levels are, why don’t you just pile up on the DHEA all by yourself and see how that fucks you up?

You need to make a personal Reality Check before you do anything.

Sorry. But you are so negative that it is difficult to insert upbeat things in a response.



I doubt he wanted to believe that either.

If your up to believing and/or trying something Nemanja, try this:

If not, your self-defeatist attitude isnt going to let you find a cure, because you’ve already convinced yourself the world is stupid and wrong.

Hope the link helps though :)

Although new to PE, I am old enough, in fact more than double the age of Nemanja, to make a comment on his negative attitude. I am of the same opinion as Avocet8. What other answer could Nemanja expect when all options are rejected in advance?. Appreciate your directness Avocet8.

I think you guys misunderstood me, and that I didn’t deserve these comments. I wrote that you shouldn’t suggest me that I go see a doctor, because I have posted on this forum before, and every time I get this same suggestion - go and see a doctor. And when I do, I get NO help. And then the same thing happens over and over again, while I WASTE my money on doctors who simply FAIL TO HELP ME.

So instead to hold me a lecture about my negativity, you should have understood why I wrote what I wrote. To spare both you and me from wasting time on advice I can’t follow! Try to understand that the top urologists in this stupid country believe that the morning wood is the result of the pressure of the urin in your bladder, and that premature ejaculation is purely psychological, so PLEASE understand that I can’t expect that kind of people to help me with this!

There are countless pages of discussion about problems like mine, and some people here, like Zaneblue for example, are real experts. I thought that some of them could drop a line or two of good advice.

And to the three of you I can only say - thanks for nothing!

We’re not mind readers, Nemanja; you gave no links to previous explanations of your problems already posted and you sure didn’t offer any room for sensible suggestions in your initial post above. It was clear to me that we’d be talking to a wall, but I gave it a shot.

I cannot believe that in your country there are not well-trained urologists. You haven’t done your homework to find out who and where they are.

The fact is that much of premature ejaculation is very often psychlogical; many guys with it have trained themselves to cum fast through early masturbation methods. Getting out of that loop often requires gradual re-training and the SSRI drugs can be a major help in that. They are currently about the only “medicine” that delays ejaculation significantly.

If you think Zaneblue has a method of diet and fish oil that will cure you of premature ejaculation and erectile issues, go for it. And good luck.



Well, you can believe me or not, that is your choice. But anyway, thank you for trying to help me.

I too had similar problems, I am wondering if you can purchase gensing in your country. Red panax as well korean panax help boost erection power.

What I am doing currently for my lack luster problem is I’m taking cayenne pills 40.000 heating units, this is in combination with ginger. And I am taking Garlic capsules 500mg per day. After about three weeks you should get a nice stiff erection.

Too boost testosterone levels naturally and increase sex drive and physical strength take 500-1000mg of vitamin “C” and up to 50mg of Zinc.
Together this should boost testosterone levels.

I have a question, I know the docters there are not that great but it could be that you may be anemic. Perhaps you should get a complete blood test and a chem panel.

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