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Is she noticing, or just flirting?


I need to add more to this. While you’re moping around about your past love and how you were supposed to be with her forever, you’re passing up a great opportunity, no, a free fucking ride…this isn’t even an opportunity, you don’t have to work for this…she’s giving it to you, idiot!

Let me clue you into something. Nothing is permanent. Life is but a series of small miniture “acts” in a larger play that we have very little control over…well okay, we do have control over the fact of if we’re miserable or happy…it’s all about our choices…and you can play out your life in a darker tone, dealing with the bleaker, sadder, depressing elements of it, or you can take the good for what it’s worth and soak up every ounce of delight and pleasure that comes your way.

Hint: You’re taking the bleaker, sadder, depressing route. There’s nothing down this route but more of the same, and it only gets worse, and worse, and worse…trust me on that.

I’d turn this around if I were you, take pleasure in the fact that she wants to fuck you, and hurry up and bang her little ass into oblivion.

Again, you’re a FOOL for pushing this away, I’d hurry up and get it, opportunities like this are rare indeed, so don’t fuck it up!

Anna gave some very good advice as well. I’d read that over and over until it starts to stick in your brain.

phreakk, You’re coming to the party a little late.
How things went:

We continued to be good friends, and later, co-workers.
We never got together as lovers.
She hooked up with a nice boy and moved to New York, where she’s working her butt off and doing well for herself.
Saw her via iSight not long back.
She’s still a hottie.
And that’s where things are at.

Got to love threads dug up 2 years late!

Can’t believe you didn’t bone her!

Shoulda banged her.

It’s such a tragedy to see a guy blown out because he couldn’t close the deal. kidding.
deSol, I do agree with some of you’re earlier post in this thread though. It’s a powerful thing to tell an attractive woman no to sexual advance. Some get pissed, some go psycho, and in my younger days some even got violent. Then they go tell every woman that will listen what an asshole you are. I only did it to the ones that absolutely didn’t do it for me, because I could afford to pick and choose back then not because they weren’t attractive. I’m still picky as hell but I’m married these days.

Hey did this beat Twats (or was it Wads?) record of the thread with the longest time between post?

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