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Is my girth and length big?


Yeah it seems like that. Buddy if you do a little reading and surfing you will see that you are fairly big compared to the Mr average guy.

Thunder’s member Kingpole always said that 7” length was the beginning of Big Cock. He said the same about 5” girth. I totally agree with that, based on the scientific size studies.

klaasko is very close to 7 length, and a lot thicker than 5.

5.5 is definitely porno cock type girth. Long thread here called “myth of size in the porn industry” that is pretty interesting.

So stq-kool my 18cm x 15cm would make the porn industry then?

You could join in the porn industry without problem.

Thanks sta-kool I’ll do that. But I don’t really want to join the porn industry.

Ok just read it. Seems like the guy is most probably somewhere between 6.5” and 7.5” in length. I think mine is somewhere inbetween that too. ha ha ha that’s cool, but like I said I have no interest in becoming a porn star.


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