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Is it ok to use vitamin/mineral supplements that are passed their expiration date?

Is it ok to use vitamin/mineral supplements that are passed their expiration date?

I wanna order this vitamin/mineral supplement from this company, but the only ones they have in stock are 15 days past their expiration date. I talked to someone who worked for the company and she said their still usable, but I’m not sure If she’s right. If I do order them they’ll get to my house In 2 weeks, by then the vitamins will be a month past their expiration date. Do you guys think its alright to order them, or should I wait until they have fresh ones in stock?

If I already had them on hand I would use them, but I sure wouldn’t buy them. Wait until they get a new supply or just look elsewhere to buy them.

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Order from somewhere else. If they sell outdated product, then that says something about the company. The expiration date on products represent that date in which 10% of the original product has degraded (if the vitamin manufacturer is following USP guidelines)

Surely you can find a more reputable place to buy from.

I guess, the website is offering the expired ones at a lower price then the fresh ones they’ll have in stock later. Guess there trying to get me buy it right away.

Wait it out or order elsewhere. The couple months or couple bucks arent nearly worth jeopardizing your long-term health. Five years from now, you’ll be thankful for making the right choice, but either relieved or regretting it if you make wrong one.

Nay,,,their just trying to get you to help them get some $$ back from their expired vits! Actually, their to trash them past the expiration date. The vits are probably still usable ? But,,,nay, get the fresh and be sure of what you got.

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