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Is Bladder Control and Erection Quality Related

Are Bladder Control and Erection Quality Related

I’ve often wondered this. I’ve done kegels before. I’ve noticed a difference in EQ but not as much as a lot of guys around here describe. As a kid I used to wet the bed. I think I used to do it til I was 5 or so, which is old than a lot of kids I think. I’ve never liked having anything close to a full bladder. Even as an adult, I prefer to piss before I go to bed. I think I might have weaker PC muscles than average.

Here’s what I’ve really been thinking about recently. If kegels help with EQ (and I think we all agree they do) and kegels help with incontinence (lots of doctors now prescribe kegel exercizes for incontinence), does the reverse hold true? My theory is that, by delaying urination, you cause your PC muscles to work overtime and this should make them stronger. Could we then use this to improve PC muscle strength? Now I’m not suggesting, that guys try going for days without taking a piss, but we could try drinking extra liquid before going to sleep so the PC muscle will have more work to do overnight, which over time would increase PC muscle strength.

Maybe some of the guys around here with a better knowledge of anatomy, specifically, the PC muscles and bladder could comment on this.

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So many other factors going on with bladder physiology and continence. Kegels are usually prescribed for stress incontinence… one is supposed to kegel as they are laughing or sneezing.

Don’t hold your piss. You may want to read up on the bladder, there are numerous muscles and autonomic receptors involved, the PC muscles being very minimally involved in the grand scheme of things.

I wouldn’t do that. It is not healthy, it can cause infections and IIRC it actually is bad for your muscles.

IMO better thing would be to pee in intervals. As in when you are peeing, stop it for 2 secs with kegel, pee more, pause, pee, pause..

That is sometimes prescribed by doctors to people who are having hard time holding pee.

Good thing is that you actually can see progress. After some time you can stop peeing on demand rapidly:)

I wasn’t advocating holding urine in so much as filling up on extra fluid before bed to give PC muscle more work to do while I’m sleeping. In a way it would be kegeling in your sleep. But that’s only if the theory holds true. I’m not sure how much PC muscles are recruited in holding urine in the bladder compared to stopping the flow of urine while actually urinating. This is where my knowledge of anatomy falls short. I’ve never been good at understanding anatomy charts and stuff so I was hoping some of the other guys around here might be able to comment.

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