Woo Hoo!

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I think there is nothing wrong whatsoever with you and your lady enjoying each-others bodies, whether it's her fingertips, the soles of your feet, her ass or your ass. That is MY opinion. As long as you both agree that what you are doing it is okay and nobody gets hurt what other people think really shouldn't matter. If you, in your heart, decide that anal sex is wrong - then it is wrong. If you, in your heart, believe it is an affront to God - then it is wrong. If you believe that God gave you and your lady your bodies to love each-other with and you both decide that anal sex would be an expression of that love - then it must be right.
But this is all pointless if you don't feel it yourself. It's a very personal choice. Trust yourself to know right from wrong - don't let other people decide for you. You already know the answer.

Have fun!——-Cap

One word….AMEN!

Just for the record, the wife and I just did anal last weekend. Blew me away! Really enjoyed myself. Oh, and the wife liked it too. I think this will become a regular part of our lives. By the way, celebrating our 15th year together in a week so its never too late to try new things!