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Is an increase in size also an increase to cheat on a wife/girlfriend?

Is an increase in size also an increase to cheat on a wife/girlfriend?

As I increase in size I’m finding that I definitely am becoming less intimidated by women even though I won’t have good confidence until I can reach at least 8x6. With an 8x6 or more I’m wondering if the temptation to work women with it might become just too interesting to resist. I’ve never been one to cheat but with a big dick I’m just not so sure. I will want to hear, up close and personal, the grunts and noises and extreme orgasms(like cds orgasms and intense pressure on the g-spot orgasms and the psychological excitement from being with big that adds to it all) and complements that women give to big guys that I’ve never gotten to hear. I know it can be different reactions from each woman and I will want to experience that. But do I want it enough to cheat or breakup? I’m thinking about it more as I write this and here is what I would do—— I would breakup first because I would feel just too guilty if I cheated. I’ll have to decide what I want the most—-my girlfriend or getting various reactions of various women in bed I never got before. It may really be tough to decide when the time comes. I can see why a guy might cheat in such a situation. I just don’t know if I could get past my guilt. I don’t think cheating is the right thing to do at all. The only other choice for me is to stay average and I certainly don’t want to do that.

I think it is natural to be curious to try the tackle out in new waters, that being said I wouldn’t risk it if you don’t want to take the chance of loosing what you have. BTW suppose you get to 9x7 and with a new woman you are over excited and are a 2 pump chump - she’ll be no more impressed than if you were half that size.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I guess only you can decide if a few squeals and squirms from a multitude of different women is worth destroying the beauty of love and caring from one special person. And what if, after all your hard work and determination in building your bigger dick, it doesn’t produce the reactions from women that you expected? Other points to ponder.

As a side note, at one time I use to wonder if men that cheat usually have big dicks. But after I had though about it some I decided that many men cheat just to get off on it——they don’t care much about if he is as big as she wants or not. I realise there can be times when a man actually develops love for another woman and that is different from what I’m talking about (though it still doesn’t make it the proper thing to do to the wife/girlfriend). But how many times do we hear about a guy cheating with many women on the side— fairly often it seems. They wouldn’t all be big men.

My GF’s ex was (probably still is) a big time cheater. He cheated on her from day 1 of them deciding to go out, right on through into their marriage. He also has a little stub of a penis, and was lousy in bed. There’s the proof of your “men cheat just to get off on it” theory.


I was just going to tell you that being overly-endowed isn’t everything you might think that it is.

I was 8” at 13 years old (honest, no bullshit). And I was 9” before I ever found this place. And that is the reason I could speak with experience in your “Big Builds” thread.

I can tell you that I have more women NOT willing to have sex with me a second time, than women infatuated with the size. I try to be careful what I say on the board because I know that a lot of the guys are self-conscious about size, so I try not to say things that would irritate that and have guys be resentful and think i’m arrogant asshole (I heard Wilt Chamberlain say, “Nobody roots for Goliath”).

But, before you get carried away, a couple things to think about before you throw away the relationship you have. Or begin to make plans to:

1) You don’t know how much you will grow. Some guys are more receptive than others.

2) Like I said, getting much past 8” is going to start limiting your sex partners. I’ve had lots of girls quit DURING sex. Others try to stick through it but bring it to an end before I want to, and never have sex with me again. I don’t get to cum with an EXTREMELY high percentage of the girls I’m with.

As a matter of fact, I haven’t cum from vaginal sex in a while. Two girls, in the recent past, gave me oral that finished me off. But other than that I have to ‘finish up’ myself. That may sound like a lot of shit, but it’s true.

You might wonder why do I PE then. But I figure what the hell, I’m already over-sized for a good percentage of the market anyway.

Some did enjoy sex with me, but that’ because they were very deep. One said she was disappointed with less than 8 1/2”. She said that she would settle for 8”,but it would have to be so thick that her fingers didn’t touch. Obviously women like that are in the minority.

I can only be rambunctious with women like, and obviously there aren’t very many of that type.

Consider the things that FreeWilly was saying in the “Fucking with 7” Girth” thread. Just trying to help you keep things in perspective after reading your posts.


Did you have some kind of medical condition that caused you to grow at a faster rate? Some kid in my neighborhood had that he was huge at 13 his folks had to give him medication.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I recall when I was in my early teens there was a guy in my class that was rumoured to be big and the rumour was he was having sex with older teenage girls and even a married woman. I don’t know if it was true or not.


No, no condition or anything. I’m normal sized in every way. A little less than 6’ (in the 5’10”-5’11” range).

I’m assuming that you ask because I posted that I was 8” at 13y/o. Just had genes to be well-endowed, I guess. I have large-ish feet for my height, but other than that everything is normal. :shrug:

Normal, OTHER than being a little nuts for some poor choices in life. :)

I remember a guy on the old forum “JAP” who told a story about how his wife mentioned to some of her female friends that he was very well endowed. Well one of these women was very bold and aproached him about it. She asked him if it was true and he said yes. Then she asked to see it. She ended up performing some oral sex on him.

I think that there are women out there who are VERY curious about well endowed men, but when it comes right down to the sex it is a different story.

(example - my girlfriend fantasizes about anal sex often, but when we tried it she couldn’t even get 1” of my penis inside without extreem pain. Hense, anal sex remains a fantasy for her, she didn’t like the reality.)

Just my humble oppinion


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>>Hense, anal sex remains a fantasy for her, she didn’t like the reality.) >>

I have found that many things, not only related to sex, don’t live up to the fantasy and trying to live them out only causes you to loose the intense pleasure of the fantasy.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Originally posted by luvdadus
I have found that many things, not only related to sex, don't live up to the fantasy and trying to live them out only causes you to loose the intense pleasure of the fantasy.

Man, that is one hell of a quote luv! Can I use that? ;-)


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