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Irritated Tip/Burning

Irritated Tip/Burning

Hello everyone,

I just read a fellows post from way back about STD’s, and wanted to get some input this. So I have been having this problem for the past few months where the tip of my penis becomes irritated and burns, along with the bottom at times. I have had sex with one person for the past two years/my life in a relationship, unprotected with IUD. I haven’t had really anything like this, except for this summer. So this is what is going down. The tip of my penis burns bad at times, not too the point yet that I can’t stand it but I noticed when I am having burning, sex irritates it more now. Also, when I urinate sometimes it burns as well and at the top of my head slightly above where the urine exits i can sometimes see like a white little circle. I also notice to the tip of my penis is red, and irritated. Overall, I am just uncomfortable down there and do not know what to do.

I visited a urologists earlier this summer because I was able to slip in. My symptoms were not that bad, and I was swabbed, urine tested, and the results were all negative. The only test I have not gotten done is my blood drawn for examination. I have recently visited 2 doctors, one doctor examined it, gave me a little insight on what was going on and concluded it was dry skin/ or a mild irritation. I got some input from a dermatologists, and the day they were able to look at what was going down, my symptoms were not bad. They also said it was a slight irritation. 3 days ago I saw a new doctor that really conveyed to me what looked to be going on. He ruled out balantis at the moment, but I do not know if that should for sure be thrown out. I am circumsized so I wonder if this does not have something to do with with yeast, but traditionally I would not be a normal candidate. I have tried 1 steroid/anti bacterial cream and it seemed to help, but not entirely. I currently got another steroid anti bacterial cream for twice a day use, and I recently started to implement virgin, unrefined coconut oil.

What are you guys opinions here? I have always taken a shower once a day and clean myself. Right now it is pretty annoying feeling. I am currently scheduled to see a MD/Dermatologist/Plastic surgeon guy who runs the practice the dermatologists works at next Wednesday. I hope he has an answer because this is something that really effects life. I want to have a family one day lol and be healthy. So if anyone has had something like this, let me know. Is it the clap or something like that? Yeast? Thrush? I want to add one thing. I do not know if if has to do with harvest season, and dryer air, but I have been getting these bloody blows when I blow my nose. I kinda have some sinus pain, but not anything close to what is going on down below.


I am not an urologist. I think if you had an infection/inflammation, by now it wouldn’t be just the tip in pain. Try making use of a water based lubricant when you have intercourses.

Seems to me that your dick might just be dried out like your nose due to the air? You could also have a slight skin injury or cracked skin causing the pain. You could try to keep it moisturized and limit masturbation but preferably eliminate it. Then see if it’s better in two weeks. I’m not really sure though. Since it’s just the tip and the head skin is fragile it really just sounds like it’s way too dry though.

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