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Involuntary BC Contractions

Involuntary BC Contractions

I am having this problem as of late, any time that I masturbate, at the end of every stroke, both up and down, I feel as if my BC muscle involuntarily contracts. This is becoming a real pita, especially when edging, because these contractions are causing me to ejaculate faster then usual, sometimes vary fast, (<2mins). I haven’t been known for my stamana, but it has never been this bad. Would doing more kegels helpor hurt this problem, and what else could I do to stop the involuntary contraction

Yeah I’ve been there dude, it fuuucks you up. It makes you come a lot faster huh? Stay away from kegels during masturbation or sex, or they will become involuntary because your body will adapt to what you are doing and will start doing kegels involuntarily, ahh! Some of the first times I had sex I lasted really long, sometimes I didn’t even finish. After starting kegels for hardness your same story happened to me, and I started coming sometimes in 2 minutes, it killed my ego.

I have found a way to stop it, although it can take a little while, but you will see some success almost immediately. Well what your doing is involuntary kegels right? How do you stop that?… With a reverse kegel! By doing a reverse kegel you will not be able to do a regular kegel, be it involuntary or not. You do a reverse kegel when you force out piss when you pee. Its as easy as that.

You should practice by yourself. Whenever you feel that involuntary kegel coming on, clamp it off with a reverse kegel and try to relax your PC muscle the best you can. Better control will come soon. Heres the deal you know why this is happening to you and not most of the other guys who do kegels? Its because you are doing them randomly and probably frequently during sex and or masturbation. If you just do them during sex, your body will react and you will start doing them involuntarily and come faster and have no control over it, it really sucks I would know, it ruined my sex life and probably the whole relationship I used to be in the first time it happened to me. So only do your kegels when you are not being stimulated, then you shouldn’t have this problem. Feel free to ask if you have anymore questions.

One last thing I forgot to mention: Some people here do a few kegels during sex, but I doubt there are any who do 1 after another without a real purpose throughout sex like you were probably doing. Goodluck, keep us noted on your progress back to where you were! You can also try edging to get back to lasting how you were before.

Thank you, this should help me a great deal. I never thought to do a reverse kegel to counter act the kegel. this should be a cake walk to get back to where I was, hopefully even further on my journey for stamina, these involuntary kegel were killing the edging, and probably making the problem worse.

Yeah definitely, but heres one thing to remember, if you do reverse kegels when you are getting close to coming already, it will actually make you come faster as well because it stimulates the prostate I guess. Make sure you do them from the beginning and you should be able to make your kegels not involuntary anymore.

Don’t worry I’m in the same boat as you are right now. I am coming really quickly because I have been doing kegels during sex because I had a little trouble getting hard for a little while (fine now) and the kegels helped with that, so I’m coming fast as hell too. Only bad thing is that I havn’t had much time to edge and get rid of the involuntary kegels! Hope it all works out for ya slaxer.

I’ll keep that in mind, hopefully it doesn’t take too long to break the habit.

Did it work? Remember, I find shorter reverse kegel holds better than prolonged ones for this.

Sorry to drag this old thread up, but I have the exact same problem. Except I was kegeling (not knowing what a kegel was) for years during sex and masturbation, because if felt better. Well, during a dry period of no girlfriend or sex, about eight months, I masturbated a lot obviously. So when I finally got back with my ex, I noticed I could not last long at all. Minutes, usually a couple. I did whatever I could to prolong it, but my lasting power was long gone. After stumbling on this site, learning about kegeling etc., I noticed during one masturbation period, that whenever my head was stimulated, I had an involuntary kegel. Every stroke, up or down, I would kegel. I have narrowed my lasting problem down to this. I have found if I sit in a certain position (almost bending over) while getting a blowjob, masturbating, etc., I can last much longer. Of course it’s hard to explain why I have to sit like that so I want learn how to unwind this involuntary Kegel.

I have read about reverse kegels, but how do I know it’s working? I can’t tell if when pushing out like I’m peeing, I am actually still kegeling and do not notice it.

Involuntary BC contractions

Well lately I have been experiencing a re-occurrence of a very annoying problem I thought that I had gotten over a little while ago. When I (or anyone else for that matter) stimulate my penis, at both ends of a stroke my bc contraction involuntarily, leading to some severe pe, now like I said this problem is not new to me, I just thought that I got over it a while back, and it seems that what I tried to get over this problem didn’t work. Now after doing a quick search I noticed that I’m not the only one with this problem, but the few other threads dealing with this just seemed to die off with no concrete advice on how to correct this problem.

Some have said to try and reverse kegel, but as stated in a previous thread that would be quite hard, if not impossible during intercourse, or any other sexual activity. I am not willing to take any medication to overcome this, as I see this as an acquired trait, trait being the best word that comes to mind at 2:30 in the morning, and I would like to try and unacquire it as quickly as possible.

Now when I first tried to unaquire this trait I tried the stud maker technique posted here, and it seemed to work, until recently. Now I’m not knocking the stud maker at all, if it helped me with my pe in the first place I don’t see why it can’t help a lot of people with the same problem, actually I can see it being quite effective. My concern is that I did not see a change in my sexual practices and habits (as of late) that would dictate a return of my hair trigger ways, and I am wondering if my hair trigger habits are so deeply ingrained that it will take some serious work beyond something like the stud maker to rid myself of this problem.

My real questions here are: does anyone else have, or have heard of a problem like mine, with involuntary contractions only occurring at the ends of the stroke of the penis; and has anyone successfully conquered their involuntary contractions for good?

If you find out please let me know, I am looking how to unacquire this trait, but I haven’t. Funny it developed after two long relationships during a 1 1/2 year dry spell. That 1 1/2 dry spell has caused me ten years of premature ejaculation and I don’t know how to unlearn it.

But my problem is exactly like yours, whenever my head is stimulated, I clench down below, like a BC kegel, and I ejaculate quick.

There is hope. I am too having this problem and experienced doing reverse kegels while masturbating wet and managed to stop them. While relaxing reverse kegel, I stroke lighter. Then, as I feel kegels on their way, I, again contract reverse kegels and stroke intense on glans and foreskin. It is the first time I am doing this and the results are very promising, I already resisted much, successfully. Will try this more and report.

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