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Inverted kegels

Inverted kegels

Sorry guys I used the search bar and looked on google but I cant figure out what an inverted kegel is. Could someone please let me know how to do them. My lasting time has gone down and I want to add a couple things to my routine to last longer. Going to start edging more often. Also have read that ballooning(jack off to point of no return then let go limp then jack off to point of no return again and again) heard this can increase size and lasting time.

It is normally called a “reverse kegel”.

Basically the pushing that one does to pass gas, #2, or increase urine flow.

Wouldn’t you need an inversion table for inverted kegels?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Ya ive heard reverse and inverted. Still not sure how they are done.

Hey dude

Funnily enough I was looking into reverse kegels recently. I only found one article which describes them really well though, and lot’s just saying ‘pretend you’re peeing fast’. I would link it but I think I’d get banned as a newbie haha, so I’ll try to summarize it..

So they say that there are two main ways to get started. One is the classic ‘pee faster and harder’ trick, and then other to pretend you are farting or doing a number 2.

After that they say you should forget about the toilet training angle and try to isolate the muscles while sitting calmly. You can slightly tense the stomach muscles and breathe out by expanding the tummy. Then try to squeeze out or relax the muscles you felt when peeing faster. The addition of breathing and stomach tensing helps to isolate them.

The point they make is that kegels are great for last second ejaculation control. But reverse kegels help you learn to keep the right part of the body relaxed during sex. Many guys get obsessed by kegels and then do them when having sex. This then makes things worse. But if you try to stay relaxed, and if that fails so some reverse kegels, you have a better chance of lasting longer.

The article I read was massive with lots more detail, so this is a very basic outline. Hope it helps a little!

Thanks. I’ve always kinda understood how to do them and could do them sometimes in the bathroom. I tried to expand my stomach and and barely flex and I felt right where reverse kegels target. After I stopped doing normal kegels I have lasted at least 5 minutes longer then I was a couple months back.

No problem. I think I’ll go ahead and provide the info for the site I mentioned anyway. I’ve been doing a lot of research recently into kegels and reverse kegels and the more I do, the more I realize how much incorrect information there is online. So hopefully someone else will benefit from this free resource as it’s hard to find that level of detail on most sites. They’re either purely selling you their ‘secret’ or it’s just a re-hashed short article that doesn’t tell you much. I’m sure you guys know what I’m on about if you’ve ever done much research on this kind of subject..

Here it is anyway, hope it helps and hope it doesn’t get me in trouble haha:

What’s the point of doing such exercise?

Originally Posted by Kevin James
Here it is anyway, hope it helps and hope it doesn’t get me in trouble haha:

“Step 1:
Remember the classic kegel instructions about stopping yourself in the middle of peeing? Well next time you go for a pee try to force the pee to go faster instead. This is basically a front reverse kegel of the Pubococcygeus muscle. Except that you won’t be peeing during sex. Unless you’re weird…”

This site is quite retarded. First, I think the muscle involved in Kegel’s, for men, is the BC, not the PC. Second, and most important: you should never try to push the urine out because you could sprain your bladder.

Originally Posted by marinera

First, I think the muscle involved in Kegels, for men, is the BC, not the PC. Second, and most important: you should never try to push the urine out because you could sprain your bladder.

Actually it is the PC muscle, not the BC muscle. Sorry but you’re wrong about that.

And there is nothing wrong with pushing out the pee once or twice to get the hang of understanding which muscles you then go on to work on by doing reverse kegels. The peeing aspect is only something you do at the very start because it’s a helpful way of locating the correct muscles. I think you’re being a bit risk averse there!

And the point is to learn to keep the right muscles relaxed during sex instead of tensing them and making yourself ejaculate even faster. It’s also to keep a balance so you don’t overly-tense the pelvic floor muscles from doing too many normal kegels.

Bulbospongiosus (bulbocavernosus in older texts) is one of the superficial muscles of the perineum. It has a slightly different origin, insertion and function in males and females. In males, it covers the bulb of the penis. In females, it covers the vestibular bulb.
In both sexes, it is innervated by the deep/muscular branch of the perineal nerve, which is a branch of the pudendal nerve.

Action[edit source | editbeta]

In males it contributes to erection, ejaculation, and the feelings of orgasm. In females it contributes to clitoral erection and the feelings of orgasm, and closes the vagina.
This muscle serves to empty the canal of the urethra, after the bladder has expelled its contents; during the greater part of the act of micturition its fibers are relaxed, and it only comes into action at the end of the process.
The middle fibers are supposed by Krause to assist in the erection of the corpus cavernosum urethræ, by compressing the erectile tissue of the bulb.
The anterior fibers also contribute to the erection of the penis by compressing the deep dorsal vein of the penis as they are inserted into, and continuous with, the fascia of the penis.”

“…, I have to point out that men contract a different muscle than women when doing Kegels and it isn’t the PC (pubococcygeus). It’s actually the BC (bulbocavernosus). This is probably the only place on the Internet where you’ll find this distinction. Most will probably find it easier to “go with the flow” and conform to years of misconception by just calling it the PC.”

Relaxing the BC and pushing to urinate are two different things. The first one is no point, the second one can sprain the bladder and cause a pelvic floor disorder.
Locating the bc muscle

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