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Internal hemroids

Internal hemroids

Although I myself do not suffer from them, one of my friends does, who is roughly 30 years old. I was wondering if anyone on here had experienced these before and if so, if they had any knowledge of treatments or preventative measures. I realize I’m not supposed to be asking things for friends here, but he has no knowledge of me asking this for him, I’m just curious and looking for any possible way to help him out.

If this is not an acceptable question for me to ask, moderators, please delete this and PM me to let me know thats why you deleted it. Thanks,


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No problem house!

I think the best way to go to gain information is to Google Hemroids - There is a wealth of information given there about what, where, and how they can be treated.

But the best advice really is for him to see his Doc as early as possible. The sooner they are treated the better.

Hope that helps.


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