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Interesting study on preejaculatory fluid

Interesting study on preejaculatory fluid

I know in sex ed we were taught that your pre-cum was the most potent. I wonder were they get their information.

J Assist Reprod Genet. 2003 Apr;20(4):157-9.
Does preejaculatory penile secretion originating from Cowper’s gland contain sperm?
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Rabin Medical Center, Petah Tikva, Israel.

PURPOSE: To determine if spermatozoa are present in the preejaculatory penile secretion, originating from Cowper’s gland. METHODS: DESIGN: Prospective clinical and laboratory study. SETTING: Andrology and Sex Counseling Unit, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Academic Teaching Hospital. PATIENTS: Five patients referred for premature ejaculation, three for excessive fluid secreted during foreplay and four normal healthy volunteers. INTERVENTION: Glass slide smears of preejaculatory Cowper’s gland secretion obtained during foreplay from at least two different occasions, and semen samples after masturbation. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Microscopic examination of air-dried smears, and routine semen analyses. RESULTS: None of the preejaculatory samples contained sperm. All the patients had sperm in routine sperm analyses. CONCLUSIONS: Preejaculatory fluid secreted at the tip of the urethra from Cowper's gland during sexual stimulation did not contain sperm and therefore cannot be responsible for pregnancies during coitus interruptus.

PMID: 12762415

I think many people are afraid of the 0.0001% chance that it will contain some viable sperm from a previous ejaculation, and get someone pregnant.

I tried taking pygeum but it does not seem to increase the volume of precum.

I never heard precum was the most potent, but I did hear that it could possibly cause pregnancy. I think the problem with coitus interuptus, even if precum is not fertile, is that there is not a clear line between what is precum, and what is a partial ejaculation. I know a lot of times you can try to dissipate your urge to cum and lose a little fluid, but this could be potent ejaculate, rather than the normal precum. That’s just my theory, anyway.

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Five men is a very, very tiny study indeed. What happens in a clinical lab and what happens when you are in private, shaft against vagina, are very different events. Be cautious, is all I have to say about this one.



Any latest news about how to increase the volume of precum?

My Q is what does the absence of precum indicate? I use to know the answer to this but I forgot?

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Interesting, but it has a very poor control …

So its not my baby!

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Yes, this also:…t_uids=12286905

Pregnancies in couples using the withdrawal method are probably due to mini-ejaculations occurring without the guy’s knowledge, as Mravg suggests. It appears that pre-cum doesn’t contain any viable sperm.

Originally Posted by viroid
I know in sex ed we were taught that your pre-cum was the most potent. I wonder were they get their information.

They may just have been taking a crude and practical approach to presenting the fact that guys who rely on trying to withdraw before they ejaculate as a method of contraception, have a fairly high chance of getting a gal pregnant. Or even using scare tactics.

It would certainly be logical to assume that pre-cum was potent, not knowing the exact mechanism for why the withdrawal method can still result in pregnancy.


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