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Interesting question

Interesting question

I’m wondering about some things. For example when I jerk and I’m cumming it’s very shitty, not weak lots of sperm and very strong.

So you’re wondering whats the problem?! Well it happen only a few times. That when I was jerking and I came the load just flow like from a water gun, man was I “crazy” it was like wow! And I’m interested is there any technique for that? How can I do it all ways like that? I read some article that when you’re older the length of the cum goes longer and better. I’m not sure but that’s what it sad. So dose any one have advice or a theory on this? I’m really interested in that.

I don’t think there is any technique for that. It just happens.

Ummm… you can build it up I guess. Don’t masturbate for a few days to a week… or more time if you’re feeling adventurous.

Also do you know about edging or ballooning? Well I find if you get to a point where it feels like it’s about to burst like a firework and you hold it back, it has a little more firing pressure. So build it up, get to the edge of your climax and hold back, do this for a good half to a full hour and you should be shooting much further.

Also, if you are standing vs siting and if you really get into to it with your body, it should blast farther as well. Even imagining it shooting further helps.

If you want a huge load that really shoots, you’ll probably need it to be fairly “watery,” meaning you’ll want more prostatic fluid, basically the same thing as “pre-cum.”

MansizedRooster mentioned edging, which is great, and holding off from cumming for a few days, which is also great.

Everytime you become aroused and become “ready-to-go erect,” your body builds up more prostatic fluid. (It is used to lubricate the urethra and transport the sperm out of the body.) So, if you can arouse yourself this way, and then back down, and repeat this process many, many times, you’ll build up a large volume. When you do shoot, there’ll be a fountain.

Also, be sure to drink lots of water everyday. Keeping well-hydrated will help.

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Yes I think you have a point there. Thanks for the advice ill try it for sure, so if it turns out good ill replay and tell you all about it. Wish me luck he he he :D

Let me know when you find the secret.

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I remember hearing that reverse kegels help you shoot more or better somehow if you time it right.

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