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Interesting article about why Kegel excercises are bad.


Interesting article about why Kegel excercises are bad.

“Did PC Muscle Exercises Cause My Premature Ejaculation?

His problems with premature ejaculation began the moment he started exercising his PC muscles. Learn why Kegel exercises are never the solution.


I have an extreme case of premature ejaculation. I ejaculate even at the touch of a woman or when I hug her strongly. Having sex is out of the question. I have had this problem right from the moment I started exercising my PC muscle. Should I stop that?

Can you tell me more on how PC muscles affect my premature ejaculation?


Yes. You should stop exercising your PC muscles.

Especially since it seems your problem with premature ejaculation started when you began. Exercises that are aimed to strengthen the PC muscles – also known as Kegel Exercises – can sometimes help but are really unnecessary.

The problem isn’t so much that this muscle group is weak, but that it can be overused and worn out.

The PC muscle can induce early ejaculation by two means. First, overuse and constant exercise may strain the muscles. If you have a weak erection, you are most likely already using it to artificially “pump up” your penis.

Men also use the PC muscle to slightly aid the control of ejaculation and urination. A healthy male however, will rarely use his PC muscles during sex. A strong blood flow with enough of the proper hormones in the body will make the erection hard and full by itself (no muscles are required for an erection).

The ability of the parasympathetic nerves to control and hold back ejaculation will be strong. The idea that a strong PC muscle will cure a weak erection, impotence, and premature ejaculation is wrong. Strengthening might slightly help, but you will never cure your problem this way.

In fact, overuse can sometimes strain and destroy these muscles and make your problems even worse.

The other way the PC muscles induce a faster orgasm is by affecting the prostate. Since the PC muscles surround the prostate gland, the constriction of these muscles pushes against the prostate and applies more pressure than normal. Since the prostate (sometimes referred to as the “Male G-Spot”) produces, houses, and releases your semen, the last thing you want to do is to provide extra stress to it.

It’s like squeezing a water balloon and making it pop.

Why were you exercising your PC muscles to begin with if your premature ejaculation happened after you began the exercises? A Kegel exercise is sometimes advised for incontinence, but is never a good solution. Do you have a high frequency of urination? For men, this may be a result of an enlarged prostate.

This will also create problems with premature ejaculation. If you do have problems with urination (high frequency, need to urinate while sleeping, pain) or pain with ejaculation, you should go see a doctor and get a prostate exam.

If that is your problem, take a look at the Premature Ejaculation and Prostate Problem Help Section here at

If you began the exercises in an attempt to strengthen a weak erection or cure impotence, then again, that’s the wrong way to go.

The problem is not weak PC muscles.

The most common cause of a weak erection and eventual impotence is weak parasympathetic nerves. These nerves are not only responsible for erections, but it is also responsible for ejaculation control.

The most common cause of weak parasympathetic nerves is insufficient hormones and neurotransmitters (the chemical messengers that relay messages from your brain, through the nerves, and to the penis) caused by excessive masturbation.

Basically, your penis is out to lunch and not getting any of your messages. If that is the case, you need to replenish your store of serotonin, testosterone, and other needed substances with Power E.

This natural blend of herbal ingredients will boost essential hormone production, increase blood flow, and nourish your parasympathetic nerves to provide firmer erections with greater ejaculation control, all the while increasing your stamina and energy levels for better and more enjoyable sex.

So, leave the PC muscles alone and concentrate on the true source of your problem.”

I knew this had to be from herballove. Everything “Dr.” Lin prints is just to scare people into buying his crap.

I wouldn’t give that guy any credit, and anyway, experience from thousands of men shows that kegels, in fact, do work, and are very beneficial in improving the strength of your erections.

Nonsense. Lin is a crackpot, a sham, and in no way credible.

As Heat89 says, kegels are very beneficial.

If you are worried about premature ejaculation, you are better off reading this:

Dick Control: A Primer

Enhance Your Orgasm

Hmmm,when you guys mention this I think I recall something about Herbalove being a pyramid company.

Thanks for the tips about exposing Lin.

I agree you can over do a good thing. Keeping your kegels down to two-four days per week at about 50 kegels should be enough I think, this is my opinion though.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Just look at the guy’s website.

Poorly written, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, flawed logic.

It’s like Long Duck Dong hung out with Andy Warhol for a weekend and dropped acid, then decided to come up with an idea to make money by creating a website.

The great elm.

Originally Posted by kingpole

I agree you can over do a good thing. Keeping your kegels down to two-four days per week at about 50 kegels should be enough I think, this is my opinion though.

I agree with you KP.

Yeah man, since I’ve been keageling, when I the urge to cum come on, I can almost always prevent it from sqeezing that muscle, it ain’t hurting me. Once you strengthen these muscles, it is amazing.

My goal is to be the best me, mind, body and soul, PE is part of achieving the best me.

One of the main benefits I’ve had from kegel exercises, is learning how to keep the PC muscle relaxed.

You exercise it so that it’s strong, but in every day life I look out for times when I’m clenching down there unconciously due to tension or whatever. The flipside to the coin so to speak.



I disagree with the article.

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He’s not even a MD! Doing kegels will eventually make you last longer but at first you may notice the opposite but that will only last for a short while.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I’d done kegels my whole life (since fourth grade I always thought it was funny to cut off the stream of piss with my kegel, I don’t know I was a fucked up kid), and I’m pretty much a monster in the sack now. I have complete ejaculatory control, and I can lift a wet towel with my erection.

When I read the answer dr Lin gave, I was amazed how extensive it was.and at the end the link with the product that solves everything. Oh yeah!

Btw how about his statement that excessive masturbation weakens the parasymphatetic nerves?

I also wonder if reverse kegels are good for anything? I did them when I was a child to check my bladder to know how full it is and if I had to pee. I know this sounds stupid, it’s kind of obsessive behaviour. Thanks I got rid of it.

Originally Posted by Heat89
Everything “Dr.” Lin prints is just to scare people

Originally Posted by sta-kool
Lin is a crackpot, a sham, and in no way credible.

Oh please, next you guys are going to be telling me that having sex with a dog and getting filled with hot K-9 semen isn’t the way to cure my wife’s frigidity!

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