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Interesting article about why Kegel excercises are bad.


a few years ago when I had a dry spell with having a girlfriend (I was still getting laid but nothing consistent) I developed a nasty problem. Went from lasting normally to having a severe premature-ejaculation problem. When I got with my ex-girlfriend I noticed but couldn’t figure out why. When I started PE and paid more attention, I noticed that, unfortunately, I have the unintentional kegel.

No matter who or what I’m doing, if something touches the head of my penis, I involuntarily kegel. I can put a laptop there and I’ll kegel. It sucks, and I tried to reverse kegel but can’t do it. If anyone has any good ideas I’m game, but it’s been like 9 years, I’m not sure if I can unlearn it.

regards, mgus

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Absolute crap. It’s involuntary ‘kegelling’ when you’re sufficiently aroused that keeps the glans full.

The real reason people get PE is due to “Quick Kegels”.
It gives the pc muscle a “Shock” which releases sperm.

The cure is to excercise doing slowly squezzed kegels (Over a timespan of 10 seconds). It worked for me ;)


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