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Dear All,

I have been having pain in the perineum region for 4 days now and it seems to be increasing. I have been to a doctor who said that it could be an ano-rectal abscess. But I doubt it. I felt it soon after I did the upward stretches, at the root of the penis near the rectum, a vein or some nerve is hard and is painful. When I sit, it is painful. I didn’t have a nocturnal erection last night as I was under stress I think. I am on antibiotics and painkillers at the moment but it is still painful. How long will it take to heal? It looks like a cord and is hard. Is this a nerve damage or something permanent? What is it? Please answer anyone.


Did you tell the doctor about the stretches you do?


Sean, you have had a few different posts recently regarding some dysfunction you have had in some different areas.

My question is are they related? Did they happen at the same time or are all of these injuries successive? Have you stopped PEing altogether now and if so for how long?


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