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ingrown hairs.

ingrown hairs.

hey guys,
I have had this bump on my base of my penis for the past 3 weeks, now i know what you all are thinking (STD) but I’ve read about them and there are no symptoms of these and also it showed up only a day after I banged this girl. has anyone had ingrown hairs at the base? and how long did it take to clear up?


I’ve had several . They should clear up in a week or so . I usually get out the ol’ needle and tweezers before the bump gets too big . Good luck !

it can take longer than a week right? it looks like its healing up but im just making sure.

Yeah, I’ve had them last longer than a week. If you can get the hair they go away a lot quicker. Look up TWEEZERMAN tweezers on Google. Good tool for getting the hair but it’s still a little work.

Does anyone know of an aftershave lotion that prevents them?

I had one for about a month now. My girlfriend had one for like 7 months.

If you don’t get the hair out, the “hair sack” might get infected. Its gets filled with some kind of fluid, and can be there for years if you don’t handle it.

Good luck :)

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