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Increasing sperm count

Increasing sperm count

What are some natural substances that increases sperm count and motility?

Are you trying to get someone pregnant?

You may not need to worry. If you’re concerned, have a sperm analysis done. It’s a simple test that any fertility lab can do. Your doctor can refer you to one. If you do do that, I was told that the first shot of semen contains more sperm than subsequent ones. Don’t do what I did and shoot over the ridiculous collection cup they give you. :)

At least one study indicated that Viagra speeds up sperm motility; however the drug may also speed up the production of those digestive enzymes in the sperm head which allow it to break through the egg once it gets there. A lower percentage of sperm are then capable of getting into the egg even though they were terrific swimmers along the way to it.

Another tip: most lubricants used for sex contain chemicals that kill sperm, or reduce their motility. Avoid them if trying to become pregnant.



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