you were 498 of 300-1000. Your in the normal range.

IF…you were below normal (I scored a whopping 12 on my test), your doc would probably find out WHY you are low.
There’s a reason. (Stress, poor diet, lack of sleep and exercise are big ones)

Androgel, is one Topical cream that is available by script only, can increase testosterone, IF your body lacks the ability to produce it’s own.
it’s nice stuff…gives you a boost. But beware, your testicles can shrink, and you can grow man boobs - IF your body has the ability to conteract all that testosterone with Estrogen.
(Maintly why men who dont exercise get man boobs… their estrogen level is high)

I strongly suggest seeing a Homeopathic doctor which will find out WHY your T-Levels are low (If they were), and plan on a fix.

It took me 15 years of Trying different MD’s and countless pill popping, then givinig up and going to a Homeopathic doctor, who found I was allergic to many things, as well as a great interest on why my T-levels are low. Finally, after a lifetime of suffering wierd symptoms, a doctor who actually is going somewhere, and HE’S NOT A PILL PUSHING, Drug Rep sidekick.

We’re in the process of doing a Detox right now, and will tackle the low T-levels in August.

Find a homeopathic doctor in your area.