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Improving Sperm Taste

Improving Sperm Taste

So, can anyone tell me how I can?

Is there any kind of pill or herb that can actually make your sperm taste better? My wife tells me that mine tastes gross and that that is one of the reasons that she dreads having oral sex with me (she also says I am too thick for her mouth).

Every time that I watch one of those porn flicks, every “scene” ends with a guy shooting his load in a chick’s mouth. I seldom see any of these women getting “grossed” out, so what gives? Does the porn industry have a magic secret that they are not telling us about their actor’s sperm?

So, what should a guys sperm taste like, you wonder? I have been told by some women that guys that have “thicker” sperm tend to taste better. I have also heard that guys that take care of themselves and that are in good shape have sperm that tastes “sweet”. What are those guys doing that I am not?

I deliver mail 6 days a week, 10 - 12 hours a day. I mostly eat fast food, and I have type II diabetes. My current stats are 7 3/4 BPEL and 6 7/8 EG. I have been doing PE for almost 2 years and have put on almost 2 inches of length and 1 full inch of girth. Are any of these things contributing factors to how my sperm taste?

Please let me know. When I hit my dream of 10 BPEL and 8 EG I plan on giving the porn industry a shot. I mean, how many guys that are 6’1”, 350 pounds, bald and have diabetes are in that industry? I just want to make sure that what I shoot will taste just as sweet as Peter North’s.

Some dudes will say that fast food is making your sperm taste shitty. Rumor has it that pineapple juice and other strongly acidic fruits will sweeten your semen. I, however, remain doubtful. Why not just shoot it on her tits?

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Pineapple juice makes your load huge ;) it’s a porn trick!


Supposedly asparagus is the worst thing you can eat to make your cum taste nasty. Also any kind of red meat or fish will make it fishy tasting. But fruit is the best thing to take away a more rancid taste/smell.

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Add to the list - Grape juice and blackcurrant ive been drinking lots of these for a week and its seemed to make my juice taste less salty.

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Originally Posted by Iwant10inches
I mostly eat fast food, and I have type II diabetes.

This does not sound good. I know very little about diabetes, but I was under the impression that diabetes and fast food didn’t mix?

As for semen taste, my ex used to say that she noticed difference in what I’d been eating. Lots of espresso coffee was apparently appreciated.

regards, mgus

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6 7/8” Girth!! Blimey what a tree trunk.

Dunno about making it taste better, but prawn cocktail crisps are a big NO NO in my book, just imagine the smell - conversely I’ve read somewhere that Salt/Vinegar crisps are supposedly good for healthy sperm - where do I get this stuff?

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Pineapple juice!

I was drinking nothing but pineapple juice for the first two or three days of a marathon sex session once with my girlfred. After the third day, she told me to just get back to a normal drinking pattern because my stomach was starting to get upset. Now, mind you this woman’s already swallowed half my load in the previous days.

I switched back to water.

Day five she asked me to switch back to pineapple juice in moderation.

‘Nuff said.

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Yep, pineapple is good. Watermelon works very well too.

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