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Impotent and I'm only 20 years old


Originally Posted by gprent101
I think the title of this thread is inaccurate and misleading.

well… I didn’t have a problem until I started doing PE, then I had one…

SO yes, I feel the title makes sense

You really should strongly consider going to a urologist for advice and make sure you tell him about the testicle. I had testiculat cancer a little over a year ago and was left with one testicle after surgery. I don’t say this to concern you about cancer because it does not sound like you have the symptoms for this but rather to say that when you lose a testicle the other testicle compensates for the loss so you don’t experience a dip in the T levels. Normally, your testicles do not put out a maximum amount of testosterone per testicle. In essence, they kind of “coast” under normal conditions and if they are healthy. I would think that the urologist would want to check your T-level for verification.

If it were me, I would also peform some circulation enhancing excercises like kegels and light jelking, etc. I would cut the Horse 440s for the time being.

You may also want to ask him if there could be some phsycological issues, but he will probably decline from commenting on this since it is out of his field and could expose him to liability. He will probably offer to refer you. This is what my urologist did whenever I asked about possible physcologocal effects from the surgery and treatment, etc. that I was to undergo (before I had the surgery in December 2003).


Hey, I’m about your age and I have had erections problems and low sex drive too. Now I’m horny as a bull and I’m pretty hard too. My advice:

1-RELAX: that’s the key buddy! I bet that 85% of your problem is in your head. Don’t think about it. Act like you would normally act, drink, don’t sleep etc (I don’t mean to live like there’s no tomorrow but just to live like you would normally live). You need to relax with girls too. I know it’s hard to do, I always get performance anxiety the first time I’m in bed with a girl and most of the time this makes me go limp for a few minutes. What do I do? I talk to her and admit that I’m feeling anxious about pleasing her sexually. After that I feel more relaxed and I always get great sex.

2-you should see a doctor: That’s what I did, it’s just to make sure that nothing is really wrong with you (diabetes or something).

And what helped me a lot to deal with the mental aspect of ED is to be with a girl that turns me on like crazy. I too thought I had low sex drive, being with this girl sure proved me wrong.

Originally Posted by gprent101

I think the title of this thread is inaccurate and misleading.

It’s called marketing.


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