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I'm lost

I'm lost

I don’t even know where to start….I’m 24 in pretty good health and was very sexually active. I had the same girl for 6 years up till 6 months ago. I was a dumbfuck and sent her packing, broke the trust and now she hates me. We had sex every day, some days 3-4-5 times with no help from V at all. granted she is a model type, great tits great ass, great face, sucks dick like a champ….100% trained to how I like it.

So after the breakup I go on a date, this girl is great looking, I get along with her personality, her body was smoking hot……I get an erection that stayed firm for all of 5 minutes. I can feel whats happening so I start to pound it some and get a good visual (usually works when your drunk to keep it up) I manage to finish get her off great and she notices nothing. I’ve been lurking here for almost a year now, I’ve read about getting comfortable with new partners and such in other threads, so I thought maybe it was just that. I gave it time and nothing still, sometimes not able to achieve a erection at all, and sometimes (morning) I could go like the old days. that relationship lasted about a month. on the next girl… now I’ve wised up some and got some Viagra. The first time I knock the bottom out of this girl and she’s hooked on me. the next day we hook up at lunch and go at it but I barely made it up. I felt myself going soft, started pounding away and came before she noticed.

So we start dating and the same thing happens as with the first girl, and sex, vaginal or oral doesn’t matter I just don’t keep it be honest it just doesn’t feel anywhere near the same as sex with my Ex. that relationship lasted 2 months and we broke it off…..none of these were broke off because of bad sex :)

So I’m leaving the gym one night and my Ex calls, her and her new man had a fight and she needs to talk. We end up having sex and it was just through the roof. not a problem at all, and I’m talking 2-3 hours of an erection with 3 Os for me…. I can go multiple from time to time.

the next girl I date same thing as the first 2.

I can get an erection anytime I want jerking it, I wake up with wood, I did a cycle of Cyp. like 2 years ago and other then that I drink on occasion, smoke weed here and there ( A lot less now then when I was with my girl) And working out I take Amino Acids regularly. I just don’t get it.

I’ve been with many partners in the past and sort of have a rep for being great in bed, so when I meet someone if they have heard about me they almost expect sex…now I’m totally screwed, I don’t want to be dependant on V for sex. it’s not the same feeling at all. V almost makes my cock numb to a certain extent.

the 5 or so women since my break up have not been so great in bed. there have been times where I wasn’t using V and they would say something stupid during sex, or do something that totally pisses me off (example: when they are about to cum and tense up and push you off then bitch that you moved!!!!) I just loose my erection all together. then they think it’s them..which at that point it is, but you can’t say that to them or they get a friggin complex. Women have turned having sex into this huge ordeal..what happened to just having some sex? maybe it’s not’s them..LOL

Thanks for listening, I’ve been holding that in for a while.


Once you’ve moved on from your ex maybe it will become easier but maybe you don’t want to get over her?

Yeah it sounds like a mental thing.

I have a friend who is like that. He cannot keep an erection with any chick since his ex. Sure enough whenever we get drunk he starts talking about her. Go figure.


Your complaints about the other women make me think that you’re not over your ex yet. Maybe you should just lay off sex for a while until you can work through the loss of your ex. I think she was more important to you than you might be willing to admit to yourself.


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Seems to me you are sabotaging yourself. You want your ex and you are unconscously torpedoing your prospects with other women. The advice still stands Go fuck ten other women (at least 5 to go). There are plenty of women who can suck dick the same or better than your ex.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

My ex WAS NOT the greatest piece of ass I’ve ever had, but because I loved her that made it the BEST!

Hero, I know exactly what your saying and it might just be comfort level. If your not in tune with the chick then you will have those problems.

I don’t suffer from performance anxiety…but have fell victim to a limp dick when I thought to myself if this condom breaks with this chick, will I start coughing and immediately die where I stand due to an STD.

So naturally since this is a big mental block for me…I don’t have sex with chicks I don’t know.

It’s all mental!

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Bro you still love your ex and now you have built a mental block with other women, I suggest before you sleep with a women you find one that you like as a person and want to make happy and have feelings for other than sex. I think your problem will be gone at that point.

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